5 Ways To Beat Stress In 2021

2021 is Here! I could not wait for the last page of 2020 to close…how about you? Here we are at the start of a brand-new day, of a brand-new month, of a brand-new YEAR!!!! I know we are not out of the woods with this pandemic, but it’s a relief to start fresh. Stress…Click Here To Read More

Finish What You Start, How To Stay Focused

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Do you remember your New Year’s resolution for 2020? Many havealready forgotten what it was they wanted to achieve this year. It is soeasy to get distracted and to lose focus. The common denominator ofthe highly successful is they maintain focus and are able to see theirgoal through to completion. If you struggle with your…Click Here To Read More

Stroke Awareness

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Many people are unaware they are even at risk for stroke, and yet someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. This article is intended to shed some light on the subject. What Is A Stroke? A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is blocked by a clot or…Click Here To Read More

State Of Covid 19

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As I write this article, it seems I can’t remember life before Covid 19. Can you recall life before social distancing, hand washing and masks? I remember a time when I could go and sit at a crowded coffee cafe and leisurely read a magazine. The biggest issue was getting the seat you wanted. Remember?…Click Here To Read More

Is An Asprin A Day, Still OK??

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“A healthy lifestyle is the foundation upon which all else flows.” Recently the ACC/AHA (American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association) published their latest guidelines. Most of the information was basically the same except the aspirin recommendation. This aspirin update has caused much confusion. Hopefully I can help. But first I want to help clear up…Click Here To Read More

COVID 19 Tips

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Great Tips From Our Resident Doctor It can be anxiety-provoking, but it doesn’t have to be. We have the power and the ability to stay calm in this storm Staying calm in the storm can be easier said than done. The best example of a storm is what we are all facing…Covid-19 or the coronavirus.…Click Here To Read More