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The Thank You Page

The thank you page of this process is very simplistic, but again, there are some basic elements.

With most webinar software the thank you page is, for the most part, a confirmation page. Meaning it shows them the details they previously entered in order to verify that they’re correct, and to give them information on when the webinar will be and how they will access it.

All of this is important information, so we want to include this on our thank you page, but we want to take it a step further—we want to ask them to share this information. One of the must under-utilized asset available to people is their ability to ask for help. We want to ask for help on our thank you page by asking them to share it.

Thank you pages for most webinar software have a sharing function for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+. Our thank you page will be very similar.

They just click the button on the opt-in page and have now arrived at our thank you page. We start by congratulating and thanking them for completing the opt-in process…

“Congratulations and thank you for registering your seat for our webinar. You’re officially registered.” (We let them know now they are registered.) We then ask them to verify the information and print the page.

person holding rectangular black wooden photo frame with Give. Thanks. print

The reason we want them to print that page is to invade their house. I want to transcend from the internet into their home. I think this is so important that on my WP Webinar software I have a button that says Print This Page.

It’s now physical; it’s now real. When they pin it up to a cork board, tape it to the side of their computer or wherever they post it, I’m now there! It will remind them. The odds of them showing up are going to be greater, if I have them print it out.

I need one last thing form them-their help, so, I ask for them to spread the information about this presentation out to the world.

I say, “I need your help—here’s what I you need to do, there are some simple social media buttons down on the left.

Choose the one that you use the most and share it with your friends and invite them to attend this presentation, as well. Click the buttons that are most appropriate for you, and then, share it with your friends”.

I don’t tell them to click all the buttons, I tell them to choose the social media buttons they use most and share it with their friends. I don’t expect this to go viral. I don’t expect to get millions of visitors. That’s not going to happen, but what if you got just a few extra visitors coming to the site for free? It didn’t cost you anything; it was their friends who have like- minded interests. If everyone added a couple more people, that can add up significantly over time, so just by asking for it, you’ll be surprised at the results. People like to share things.

People regularly click the ‘like’ button. People like sharing— you just have to ask them to do it and provide the buttons to make it easy for them.

You could say something to the effect of… “Congratulations and thank you for registering your seat for our webinar. You are now officially registered.

“There are three things I want you to do. Number one, verify your information. If any of the information is wrong, hit the back button, re-register to make sure we have the correct information. Number two, I need you to actually print out this particular page and put it some place where you won’t forget to attend our special presentation. And number three, I need your help. Choose the social media buttons that you use the most and share this with your friends and invite them to also attend this very special presentation. I’d really appreciate it.

“Thank you very much. And I’ll see you on the presentation.”

Thank you pages are simple. This works great with a 30 to 40 second video, but you could also have it in text.

As you can see this is VERY simple. Just follow the steps.

But we’ve made it even simpler. We’ve created a plugin that pretty much takes all the work out of the automated webinar process. We use this plugin for all our automated webinars. We call it, WP Webinar. You can go here for all the details and a free demonstration,

Now, the last step is the actual presentation/webinar itself. What we’ve covered here is the automated webinar process that drives people to the actual webinar. The creation of the webinar is another entire training by itself.

I’m sure you agree that these automated webinars are great because you don’t have to be there and because it’s simple!

There are only three distinct pieces to the automated webinar— the opt-in video, the thank you page, and then there’s the actual webinar itself.

Once you create a webinar system, you have an amazing autopilot sales machine. Using the system to sell your relatively high-ticket items is where the system really shines the most. It works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it doesn’t get tired and best of all, it does it automatically without you being involved after the initial set. All you have to do is Feed The Beast—in other words, simply drive traffic to it.

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