Autoresponders Are More Than A Sales Tool

There is something called “Product Consumption.” This is something you have to make sure is happening with your buyers. If you can’t get your customers to even consume your product or start to use your service, then your chance for refunds increases significantly, and the chance that that customer will buy more products or services from you decreases significantly.

You should definitely have some type of “Read this First” or “Getting Started” document for any product or service that you offer. But don’t forget the important role that autoresponders can play in helping with product consumption.

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Where the “Read this First” can help them get out of the gate, the autoresponder is your best ally to keep them moving forward after that initial push. It’s that friendly little nudge after they’ve received your product or signed up for your service that will help the sale “stick” and is designed to provide that helpful reminder of how to best consume your product for maximum benefit.

It’s important to get people started quickly and keep their momentum going.

Bret Ridgway

So, it’s fairly common to have daily autoresponder messages for the first week to ten days after the product purchase. Product consumption is what it’s all about. It’s your job to provide your customers the tools they need to help them consume yours.

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Bret Ridgway

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