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We said “…because you purchased “Today” you receive the 90-minute training.” This makes them feel they received a special deal even though you did NOT say this was for a limited time.

So now your webinar attendance goes through the roof. Why? Because they purchased it! The two scenarios are almost identical but one is a free bonus which they are okay with, but all they really wanted was the report. However, if they perceive they purchased both items, they want to receive both items, and it’s more likely they will use both items thus they attend the webinar/ training which means you’ll have more people on it which ultimately means more people will purchase whatever you’re selling.

It’s a lead generation process. You have a list of the people who purchased the $7 report and you follow up on that list as explained above. You also have a list of people who purchased from the webinar/training, who you also follow up with.

Method Three:

Method three is strictly a lead building process utilizing the $7 report.

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With this method, you drive people to an opt-in page that then takes them to your $7 report. The person arrives at our opt-in page where we ask for their name and email address and then send them to a sales letter for the $7 report. We can offer a bribe on this page. Wait — doesn’t this break the rule where we don’t use an opt-in bribe when we’re sending them to a sales page?!

This is actually an exception to the rule.

The rule states that when you are trying to directly sell something you should not use an opt-in page bribe. This is correct when you are selling a primary product or service, one of your bread and butter products that are a core source of your income. In these cases, you should not use an opt-in page bribe, you should send people directly to the sales page.

This scenario is different because this is not our prime source of income. Our main purpose here is to generate leads. So, the person comes to our page and we say something like, “How would you like to find out about blah-blah blah?” They leave their name and email address and we send them to the sales page for the $7 report, MP3, video etc. And in this case, we can use a bribe to get them to our $7 sales page.

Maybe we bribe them with a video or audio and then sell them the $7 report.

Or turn it around and use a report as a bribe on the front side and then sell them a $7 video on the sales page. Just make sure the bribe and the product are not similar. In other words, if the bribe is a free PDF report, you don’t want to sell them a $7 PDF on the sales page. In this case your $7 product could be a video or an MP3.

Remember, the bribe is optional; you could send them directly to the $7 sales page without a bribe. However, we do it (bribe or no bribe) we get them from the opt-in page to the $7 sales page.

The strategy is to get them on our list so that we can sell them using our follow up system where we may offer them a webinar(s) and, as the system plays out we introduce them to our other products and offers. The purpose is to get them on a list so that we can offer them our main products. The $7 just helps pay the cost of acquisition.

What we now have are three methods to generate leads with or without bribes.

Let’s look at a good example of this: WebCamp. (Now called Learn University Streaming).

When I promote this event, I ask for a name and email address in order to view the live feed. I make no bones about it, and I don’t offer a bribe. Once I have the name and email address, I’ll follow up with other offers, other products and services like a day with me at my house, a higher end training program, recordings of previous WebCamps, etc. How did it all start? It started with me getting a name and email address and building a list (with a plan in place to utilize that list!)

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