Business Productivity, Are You Working Hard Enough?

Building a business that keeps growing strong takes a  lot of work. It takes your heart and soul and almost all your time, especially at the beginning. There are periods of time that seem very intense and then other times that seem to go pretty smoothly.

How do you know the difference between working really hard and taking it too easy compared to the ebb and flow of your business rhythm?

This is a question that I have been pon- dering. It seems that when a business is up and running and moving forward there are a variety of things to do to keep it that way and most of that is marketing. There are days and weeks when I am deep in action and my head is spinning and I feel like I have a lot of self imposed deadlines. Then there are other times when I just do a few of the basics to keep the engine roaring.

It is during those times when I am just doing the basics that I feel like I am not working hard enough.

I believe that the key to working ‘hard enough’ is to always be working to accomplish a goal or project that will impact your business. Deadlines really can rev up your energy and your productivity, so use those as often as possible.

Deadlines become even more valuable when you get others involved or share your due dates with an accountability partner. Balance is key and only you can decide what that balance is. When you are working, both in and on your business, keep your eye on the targets you want to accomplish and where you want to be by the end of each month and don’t allow yourself to let up or get distracted until you get there.

Helen Raptoplous

Helen Raptoplous works with entrepreneurs to take action and move their business forward. Step one is to close the gap between information and implementation. It takes focus, self-discipline and determination.

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