How To Prevent Hacking Of Your WordPress Sites

Many people don’t pay attention to the URL when visit a site… What they’re really doing is providing their username and password to the hacker frank deardurff This article is for people that own websites or who visit websites…which these days is pretty much everyone, correct? As you may or may not know I run…

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How To Create Secure Passwords That are Easy To Remember

Many times we use passwords that are way too easy to guess and use the same passwords over and over across many sites…this makes a hackers life easy. frank deardurff I’ve seen this mistake over and over on many websites and web services that many business owners utilize. The mistake that I’m talking about is…

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Are You Missing These 3 Critical Backups?

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When the word backup comes to mind, we almost always think about backing up our computers. While that is something we should all be doing, you could be missing these critical types of backups. #1—YOUR LIST Most marketers know the importance of their list. People say, they could lose everything tomorrow, but if they had…

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Checking For Password Breach

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This is an age-old problem, even before websites and online security. Passwords being hacked has been an issue for as long as passwords have existed. I’ve been a network consultant for over twenty years and a network administrator for over thirty years so I want to share my thoughts with you on this. Think about…

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How To Create A Stronger Password

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I can’t count the number of emails I’ve received telling me that my password may have been compromised and may now be on a list of “known” passwords. frank deardurff Passwords are a topic that comes up time and time again. As more and more sites are compromised, it becomes more apparent that way too…

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