Make Your Own Portable sound Booth

wireless microphone on audio mixer
With Internet Marketing your business is located where ever you currently are. You need to be ready to conduct it as if you were in your callens I’m sure you’ve heard Armand talk about the quality of his recordings. He credits this to: A good microphoneGood processing  softwareReduction of noise around him The first…Click Here To Read More

The Beauty of YouTube Videos

Youtube application
Over this year, I have talked a lot about the 30X system because it is such a powerful system that works for every product. The 30X strategy continuously builds upon itself. It continues to grow and can be used in multiple scenarios. Remember, just because it’s called 30X does not mean it’s limited to 30…Click Here To Read More

It’s In The Member’s Area

people taking videos during concert
As a fellow Marketing University Member and team member this is something I hear often. Some will ask a question and many times the answer is there’s a training on that in the member’s area. We laugh about it, but it’s true. There are so many good training resources in there. I thought I would…Click Here To Read More

Better iPhone Video

person holding black iPhone X
“Most iPhone users assume that there is only the default setting for video…Turns out that if you go to your iPhone settings and scroll down to the “Camera” option and open that up, you will see some settings there you may not have seen before.”Frank deardurff I LOVE taking photos with my iPhone—mostly nature, sunsets…Click Here To Read More