Webinar Thoughts

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In this article I going to go deeper into the sales webinar I did to promote “Webinars on Demand” (WOD). This is the webi- nar I was talking about in my other article this month. While I don’t love talking about these, I want to look at some mistakes I made when I created the…Click Here To Read More

The Beauty of Pre-Selling Webinars

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“Going into this, I knew that there were only two groups of people reading this—those who had a webinar and those that didn’t have a webinar. I wanted to make sure that I attracted both groups.” This year, I’ve been promoting webinars every single month. I try different strategies for each of these promotions. In…Click Here To Read More

How To Consume Seminars And Other Live Training Events

A live training event is like a buffet type restaurant…There’s so much offered, that if you tried to do it all, you’d get sick from overload.george callens A live training event is like a buffet-type restaurant. At a sit down type restaurant your food is brought to you. At a fast food restaurant they hand…Click Here To Read More

Webinar Strategies That Cause Customers To Buy

Webinar Strategies
If you are thinking about holding a webinar to promote a product or ser- vice, there are four types of presentation models that you can use. All of these types of webinars are effective in their own way. Below, I will give an overview of these four models. Promoting A Product In webinar strategy number…Click Here To Read More

Consuming Your Webinars

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The ability to share your content via webinars, whether it be a sales message or straight training has been one of the biggest boons for information marketers in the last 10 years. You have the ability to do them live or record them and have them available to watch via replay upon request or at…Click Here To Read More