Marketing University Courses

Below are the current courses we have inside of Marketing University. Each month we add a marketing course intensive. Click the button or title of any course to start taking it.

What Makes Us Different? Marketing University focuses on what we call "course intensives". Instead of covering a topic only on the surface, each of our courses are 12-18 hours in length making them the most in-depth courses anywhere on the Internet.

WordPress Update Training

25% of the the websites use WordPress. We teach you how to use WordPress like pro.

Seminar Marketing

Learn how to create your own seminars and workshops to build and market your business.

Success Leaves Traces

Discover my exclusive success leaves traces mindset system you can use right now.

Quick Residual Income

I’ll teach you exactly how to create residual income in as little time as few hours to one short day.

100K Webinar System

Learn My Personal $100k Webinar System and Utilize The Power of Webinars.


Discover how to double, triple or even quadruple the conversions in your business.

Google Advertising

In this 2-day training, learn how to utilize Google to drive targeted traffic to your websites.

FaceBook Advertising

Learn the latest Facebook advertising strategies in this 2 day intensive course.

Marketing Formula

This one course is the exact steps anyone needs to succeed online. Watch it now.

Million Dollar Coaching

Is is possible to create a Million Dollar Coaching business? Let us show you how it’s done.

Million Dollar Speaking

Learn how to become a highly paid speaker selling your products at workshops and seminars.

Million Dollar Game Plan

Learn how to make this year your biggest business year ever with a complete marketing strategy.

WordPress Update

One of our most popular courses on using WordPress optimization, performance and SEO.

Lead Generation

You can never have enough leads. Let me show you strategies to getting targeted leads today.

Behavioral Marketing

This is the future of marketing. Modifying how you treat prospects and customers based on behavior.

The 30X System

Discover the revolutionary 30X System to multiply your leads, your influence and your revenue.


Build a coaching business, but do it the right way. Learn how we’ve done for over a decade.

Mindset Training

The mental aspect of business is as than the knowledge. Learn how to think better and confidently.

Salesletter Secrets

Copywriting is the key to any business. Discover the secret to writing great copy every time.

Big Ticket Sales

It’s a fact, by selling higher ticket items you get to your goals faster. Learn how to do it here.

Easy Product Creation

Product creation is key to getting started and off the ground. Let us show you these proven methods.

Traffic Generation

Traffic is the key to any Internet Business. Learn strategies to start getting more traffic today.


WordPress is used by 25% of the Internet. See how the setup and what plugins you should use.