Create You Product Funnel Backwards

It makes sense to create your product funnel backwards

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Create your product funnel backwards

When you visit someone’s web site, you visit their squeeze page before seeing their sales letter and you buy that entry-level product before you see the upsell.   So does that mean you should create your product funnel in the same order?  Definitely not!

Create that funnel backwards. Start with your “main” product, a $97 or $197 training course.   Whether you choose to include video, audio, written materials, or membership site access is up to you.

But keep it as simple as possible: create a download page, sales letter, and a payment button to connect the two. Add an affiliate program and e-mail follow-ups later.

Then, create the lead-in product.  Pull out a piece of that training course to create a $7, $27, or $47 product to build a bigger list of buyers.  When they buy that, upsell them to the main product.

Finally, add the squeeze page. Take your sales letter template, shorten it to one headline, three bullet points and a single proof element. Give away a free gift on a forced opt-in page.

People go to your squeeze page and opt- in. They get redirected to your sales letter and buy.  After the buy, you show them an upsell.

The great thing about building your funnel in this way is that if you get tired and want to stop, you still have a shippable product!

Can you sell your main product without a lead-in product?   Of course.   Can you sell that lead-in product without a squeeze page? You betcha.

You want to get all those elements in place eventually, but for now I recommend you put it in place backwards so you can stop at any time, and still have a live site that makes money every day.

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