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Video testimonials are the final frontier f customer feedback to enhance your social-proof marketing.

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When most people think of collecting testimonials for their business and website, they get a large lump in the back of their throat.

Recording a testimonial

They start to think “How do I ask for them?”, “How do I manage them?” and/or “How do I ensure they are effective and authentic?” This usually leads to confusion, worry and a feeling of overwhelm and they think, “I don’t know how to start.”

Getting a testimonial can be as simple as asking for one through email, survey, or a post-event/service feedback form. Putting them into a usable and manageable format is another matter.

Some sort of digital format is best so they can be cut and pasted into your website or emails. Grouping them into different categories can also help: product, positive/negative, male/ female, emotionally, by status (i.e.: influence of the individual/group), or length can help when you are searching for the right testimonial.

Video testimonials engage more than text by conveying many non-verbal cues: excitement in the voice, language, facial expressions and body language.

Would your target market relate to a personal story of their experience with your product/service? Video testimonials are the final frontier of customer feedback to enhance your social-proof marketing.

Video testimonials are in early-stage adoption, and to date, few are using them. A quick search for Video Testimonials leads to a Fiverr gig to record a paid video testimonial.

Be careful of paid testimonials as the FCC in the USA mandated that any paid endorsements should be properly identified. It is much better to collect and use testimonials from your actual users, as they will be more authentic about their experience.

Imagine your users having to record their own testimonial, in their element, from their own mobile device or computer without having to install an app. Capture your client’s reaction after viewing an amazing presentation, or reading an inspiring e-mail right when your product is most useful.

Guide your user to give a specific type of testimonial to match pain points of your new leads creating a boost in conversions and sales.

Video testimonials are an exciting, still developing area in Internet marketing. We have only scratched the surface on what is in store for how it can improve the profile of your business.

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