Educate – Motivate – Activate

“As you create content, you should educate your audience. Give them good and solid information, tips or strategies they can use to move forward.”

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Educate – Motivate – Activate

Educate, Motivate and Activate

I’ve seen a lot of speakers and trainers and have worked with a ton of authors. The best ones will typically do three things as they deliver their content. They will educate, motivate and activate their audiences.

I believe those are the three most important components in any successful information piece—whether that’s a book, coaching, seminar or any other product or learning delivery system.


As you create content, you should educate your audience. Give them good and solid information, tips or strategies they can use to move forward. This could be new information they never knew before or you could simply confirm information that they may have had access to prior but never fully understood.

Sometimes confirming the old stuff is just as important teaching new stuff.


You need to motivate your audience to move. Encourage them to make an effort to better themselves and help create, in them, the desire to use your information to further themselves on their journey to success. Education without motivation turns into a lecture, and who likes to be lectured?


Finally, you should activate them. Get them to use your information right away. Don’t let them delay; you want them to act fast and act often. Give them specific steps to take, but do it in the moment. This can give them a quick win or a sense of instant accomplishment that can go a long way in convincing them that you are the one they want to work with in a deeper capacity.

Chris and I have just recently launched our first ever Renegade Author Boot Camp, where for two days we pulled back the curtain and revealing everything you need to know about writing, publishing and correctly leveraging a book to become the authority in your field.

We educated educate the audience on what’s not being taught in the author space. Most in this space that talk about writing and publishing a book come from the perspective of an author or entrepreneur, but I also come from the publishing side.

We went much deeper into how bookstores work, how to position a book to get the most reach and how to understand all the different publishing models out there, whether you want to self publish or traditionally publish your book.

I delvered new information that most in the room will have never heard before.

What can you teach your audience that no one else can?

Of course, I motivated my audience. After all, this is what I do! I love to inspire people to go further, to push them to the point that they are ready to soar.

At our Renegade Author Boot Camp, my hope is to inspire attendees to become an authority and to get them so excited that they can’t wait to start creating content and building the pieces necessary to take their messages to the next level. An unmotivated crowd is an inactive one, and you do not want an inactive crowd!

How can you motivate your audience?

And finally at the Boot Camp, I activated the audience. We had exercises strategically scheduled throughout the two days to get the audience moving.

By the time the event was over, some of the work will already be done.


Because if I can get them started while they are in attendance, there’s a higher chance they may continue that work and actually finish it when they get home. Plus I want to walk them through a few quick wins so they will be convinced that working with me is a smart move.

How can you activate your audience?

I encourage you to take the time to investigate these three words every time you create new content for your audience. You want to build a strongrapport with your clients and you want to educate, motivate and activate them to want to work with you!

Jim Howard

With over 30 years in commercial print, branding and publishing, Jim Howard has dedicated much of his life to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners move ahead in their business. Follow him at,

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