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Ride Along Offers Can Be a Powerful Weapon in Your Marketing Arsenal. If You are Using Physical Products, Make Sure You Read This Article About How to Take Advantage of These Hitchhikers!

This may surprise you, but out of several thousand clients we’ve handled fulfillment of their physical products for during our company’s history only three or four take advantage of their product shipments to include additional marketing literature to try and stimulate additional sales.

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You’re already paying the shipping costs to send out your product. What is the additional cost to you to have some “ride along” literature? It’s simply the cost of printing some paper.

Let’s take a look at this. You’ve got an excited customer who has just received your product. Time and time again it’s been shown that the person most likely to buy from you is someone who has purchased before. So, why not provide them an additional opportunity to purchase more of your products and/or services at a prime buying time?

You could include any one or more of the following in your outgoing product shipments:

  • Sales flyer
  • Product catalog
  • Sample of a subscription newsletter
  • Price sheet
  • Testimonials from clients about other products/services you offer

Just be sure your ordering process is thoroughly thought out. If you’re driving them to a website to order, make sure everything is fully tested and functioning as it should. If you’re having them call in to place an order, make sure your sales scripts are written and they’re reading it correctly to take orders for you.

Ride along offers can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. Make sure you take advantage of it if you’re using physical products.

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