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Enable Gravatar on your own blog so your commenters, that are signed up, can show their picture… enabling you to get more comments and better testimonials.

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WordPress blogs allow for gravatar (globally recognized avatar)  support  which  means  that your  blog  can  automatically  add your commenters’ photos next to their blog posts without even asking, allowing you to grab testimonials easily and giving your blog a personal touch at the same time.

It’s  easy. All  your  visitors  have to do is signup at, register their e-mail address and upload a photo of themselves. Then whenever they leave a comment (using that e-mail address) on any blog (including yours) their photo will be shown next to their text.

The only requirements are: they must use the same e-mail address they  used to  register  at Gravatar. com, and your theme must support gravatars.  Either find a theme that shows gravatars or pay a WordPress theme designer 5 dollars to get the one line of code added in.

The obvious benefit to having gravatars on your blog is that when someone says something good about you or your product, you have everything you need to paste an awesome testimonial on your sales letter.  Just ask the author for permission to use that comment and you have their name, photo, URL, and contents of their testimonial.

Benefit number two: when others see your visitors leaving comments with your pictures, they will be more likely to comment.  Once they leave comments, they will be even more open to responding to each others’ comments, and now you have more responsive visitors on your blog.

If  you aren’t  already  on Gravatar. com, sign up so that whenever you leave a blog comment on a Gravatar enabled blog, your photo will appear next to your comment making you more personable. Enable your Gravatar support on your own blog so your commenters that are signed up can show their picture… enabling you to get more comments and better testimonials.

Robert Plank

Robert Plank is an Internet marketer who uses WordPress to enhance his business. Did you get a chance to apply those three WordPress changes to your blog? Get more profit-pulling plugins at:

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