Getting Offline To Work With Online To Make More Money Pt. 2

You contact your customers only via email.

But here is the crux.

If you look at the emails you send to your list, what percentage of them is being opened?

If you are like most people in the online marketing world I would say between 3% and 15% open your email.

And when you segment your list into buyers and non-buyers and only look at the open rate of your buyers list, your numbers might be a little higher but not very much higher.

That means that between 85% and 97% of people who trusted you once with a program purchase do NOT open your emails and therefore don’t even see what other great programs you have to sell.

Now there could be many reason why they don’t open these emails and some of which you can’t do much about like.

  • They could no longer be interested in the subject matter you are publishing information about.
  • They got all the informa- tion they need to solve the problem they had.

But MANY (and you will be surprised by how many once you send them something in the mail) are not opening your emails because:

  • They are not receiving your emails
  • They changed email addresses and your emails are going to the old address and therefore they never see them
  • The emails are being put into their spam folder which they never check
  • They get 200 emails a day and are too busy to open them.

And here is exactly where direct mail comes in.

Why not send the people who bought something from you in the past but who haven’t opened your emails in the last few months or haven’t bought anything in the last few months (or years) something by US mail.

It could be a letter re-inviting them to join your list.

It could be a postcard with a promotion and a discount code for a special program.

It could be an invitation to a live seminar (if you do live seminars).

What you will notice is that people respond that way who have not opened an email in what looks like forever and the next time you interact with them they will tell you that they almost forgot about you and that they never get your emails but that they were happy to hear from you via mail and that is why they decided to buy something else.

And if you deal with higher ticket items, just one extra sale can pay for the entire mailing campaign.

Last time I did this, I sent out at least 10 emails inviting my customers (who already had bought one of my $1000 to $2000 programs) to a FREE live seminar and filled 80 spots with these emails.

Then I send out another 1,000 letters and filled an additional 43 Seats at the live seminar.

“The Internet Marketing industry was born out of the direct mail industry and is in its core still in many aspects just ‘direct mail done through the internet.’”

Jack Bosch

And you know something that the Direct mail industry has proven again and again, Direct mail customers spend more money than online/email acquired customers. And it was true for my events.

Sending something via mail can also be a great stick strategy for membership sites which charge at least $97. Send them one CD of the month or something by mail each month and that will make sure they remember you, remember the value they receive from you each month and with that they are more likely to stick in the membership site for a few months longer.

So don’t disregard the power of Direct mail as a reminder, as an upsell, as a re-invite, or as a down sell or promotion. The Internet Marketing industry was born out of the direct mail industry and is in its core still in many aspects just “direct mail done through the internet”.

And direct mail still works, perhaps even more today where everyone goes the online only route, because again it sets you apart from the masses.

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Jack Bosch

Jack Bosch is an immigrant from Germany who specializes in showing others how to buy land for pennies on the dollar and sell it for thousands just days after. He can be reached at and

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