Give Back!

“You do this by giving three THINGS back – Money, Time and Talent.

Jim Howard

It’s often said that it is better to give than to receive, and I believe it.

The feeling you have when someone gives you something is temporary, but when you give to others, you are making a difference and that is a feeling that never goes away.

How do you make a difference in people’s lives?

You do this by giving three THINGS back — Money, Time and Talent.

Not everyone can just open their wallets and give cash, but you certainly can help out by giving your time and talents to make a difference.

The more important question is not what to give but how do you give. There are three WAYS to give back:

Give Abundantly

Don’t be stingy, give as much  as you can as often as you can. Some people say give until it hurts. I say give until it feels great!!

Give Accordingly

Look at a particular situation, and give what is needed.

You should give abundantly and freely but you still have to be a good steward of your resources. Giving more than what is needed is a great gesture but don’t get carried away. Give until the need is fully met then look for other areas you can lend a hand in.

Give Accountably

Being a good steward of your resources is extremely impor- tant. You don’t want any of your efforts to be wasted.

When you give, don’t give more than you can. Giving is noble but giving to the point that you can’t take care of your own needs is dangerous and ir- responsible.

Don’t give where it will be wasted or taken advantage of. Make sure that when you give, whether it’s money, time or talent, it is being well used.

So, as you move forward  in  your life, make sure that you stop and  look for ways to give back, but give abundantly, give accordingly, and give accountably.

Start giving back today and LIVE LIFE!

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Jim Howard

With over 30 years in commercial print, branding and publishing, Jim Howard has dedicated much of his life to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners move ahead in their business. Follow him at,

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