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From: Armand Morin
Re: AM2 Coaching / Mentoring

Thank you so much for finding out more information about AM2. Over 15 years ago, AM2 was started with the idea and vision to create a program to give people the training and information they needed to grow their businesses. Not just Internet businesses, but all businesses online and offline.

Since that time, we've been fortunate to have helped thousands of people just like to you realize their dreams of creating a hugely successful online business. In fact, many of the most successful marketers online have been members AM2. Why? Simply because AM2 creates results for you as long as you follow our system and trainings.

Below You'll Find All The Details About AM2 and How We Can Help You Build Your Business Starting Today

There's not just one aspect to AM2 there's a multitude. Each part of our system and trainings are designed to get you the information you need to go forward with confidence, but also to generate the revenue and growth you want and desire in your business.

Take your time, read this page closely and see exactly how AM2 will fit for you, then I encourage you to become part of the AM2 family today.

Your Training Starts With Live Weekly Training Every Wednesday

Learn The Most Up To Date Marketing Strategies On These LIVE Webinars

Every Wednesday we conduct a new live interactive training. Each Wednesday myself or even one of our members conducts a training on the latest marketing topics. Fortunately enough we have some of the most incredible members who are experts in their own fields and on a wide variety of topics. You get the best information from some of the top people in the world.

Let’s face it, marketing is fluid and is always changing. If you don’t stay up to date with the latest strategies and techniques you’ll be left behind. Let us help you with the information you need to succeed.

Weekly Training

Get Your Questions Answered on Our Live Monthly Webinars

Every Month You Can Ask You Questions To Me Personally LIVE During Theses Webinars


Every month I make myself available to answer any and all of your questions you have LIVE on a webinar. You’ll be in the company of other members. So this works two fold. 1.) You get your question answered personally by me. 2.) You get to hear what others are working on and this sparks more create ideas for you. I’ve been doing this strategy for 13 years and the results are amazing.

Think about the times in you’ve needed help and advice but didn’t know where to turn. You don’t have to wait. Just jump on to this LIVE Q AND A Session and I’ll personally give you the answers you need. Like I said before, this program is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

LIVE Monthly Website Critiques

People Pay Me Thousand of Dollars For This... You Get It FREE!

Even though you can contact me at anytime to look at anything you have, each month I do full website critique of one of members. You can submit your site or you can watch the critique of someone else in the group. I spend about 60-90 minutes on each critique in detail of the layout, the words, the meaning, the conversion, literally everything the website needs to succeed.

I typically charge people $2500 for a website critique but as a member you get this 100% for FREE!


EXCLUSIVE: UNLIMITED Email Access To Me Personally!

You Won't Get This Anywhere Else... I'll Personally Answer Your Questions... SERIOUSLY


You won’t get this anywhere else. One of the most unusual and exciting aspects of the this program is the fact you have UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS to me. Every day you can ask as many questions as you want, you can have me review your emails, your website, your marketing material, run ideas past me or use me as much as you need to help you in your business.

Unlike other programs, you won’t be left alone. I’m right there at your fingertips anytime you need. My team does not answer your questions, I PERSONALLY answer each and every one of your emails.

EXCLUSIVE: 12 Hours of LIVE Streamed Monthly Marketing Intensives

Every Month You'll Get Access To The Most Up To Date Training Anywhere

For the past 3 years every other month I conduct a LIVE 2-3 day training that are streamed from my home studio directly to you. These are intensives focusing on only ONE product and going detail unlike any other courses. I guarantee you won’t find anything like this anywhere online. Not only can you watch these live but you also get the recordings as well.

Unlike other programs which only give idea of what to do, each Intensive I focus on one subject for 12 hours. I literally show you everything you need to know about this one subject. Every training is different, but I’m always giving you the most up to date marketing information.

There is not another program anywhere on the internet with as much training and information as we have.

These Are LIVE HD Streaming Videos Every Single Month!

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.38.49 PM
Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.35.28 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Access To $100k of My Software and Training Programs

These Are The Same Programs I Sell At Seminars For Thousands of Dollars Each


Inside my members area are all my Internet Marketing products. Right now waiting for you, there are OVER $75,000+ of marketing courses and training. Literally there are gigs up on gigs of training and courses regarding everything you need to know about building a business. From creating membership sites, selling high ticket items, my exclusive webinar training system, how to create products on demand and much much more. You name it it’s waiting for you right now!

I normally sell these high end courses at seminars where I speak all over the world. You get them 100% FREE inside the members area itself. Plus you get all my future marketing courses for FREE too.

EXCLUSIVE: You'll Also Receive Our Monthly Traces Magazine

You'll Get Our Exclusive AM2 Members Only Magazine Sent To Your Door Every Single Month


EXCLUSIVE: 4 LIVE Intensives Around The World ONLY FOR AM2

Two In The United States, One In The UK and One In Australia... Come To One or Come To All

Your training doesn’t stop with just one day with me… throughout the year, we have 4 AM2 INTENSIVES around the world. 2 in the US, 1 in the United Kingdom and 1 in Australia. During these Intensives we go over your business and you have the opportunity to network with all the members involved with my AM2 coaching program as well.

Each member tells the group what they’re doing and what they need help with. I lead the session since I know your business best and you get the collective help of all the experience in the room. This is where breakthroughs are made and how you can get further faster in your business.

You need to be at the next AM2 intensive!

US Trainings Are Done At My Home Where You'll Spend 8 Days a Year!

Who Else Does This? Twice Each Year Come To My Home To My Home Training Center

The picture above is actually my home training center where we meet twice a year.

FREE Ticket To Marketing University LIVE Seminars Around The World

Every Year We Host Live Seminars In The United States, The United Kingdom and Australia


EXCLUSIVE: Take Part In The AM2 $25,000.00 Better Your Best Contest

Sometimes You Need An Extra Push... I'm Putting Up $25,000 of My Own Money To Motivate You

Sometimes you need a little something extra to motivate you and push you in the right direction. Each year I personally put up $25,000 in cash to the member who wins the Better Your Best Contest. It’s exactly what it sounds. You compete to better your business. You turn in journal, you write an essay and you stand on stage at my seminar to tell the world you story. Our panel of judges and the audience will determine who goes home wiht the grand prize!

Imagine what an extra $25,000 can do for you!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 2.32.09 PM

Listen To What Some of Our Members Have To Say...

Many of Our Members Have Been With Us Since The Very Beginning

Choose Your Method To Join AM2 Below

Just a few of our AM2 Family. We invite you to join us!

AM2 Monthly Membership

YES, I want to be a part of AM2 and allow Armand to help me build my business. I understand I will receive all the benefits AM2 has to offer for as long as I maintain an active membership.

  • LIVE Weekly Training

  • LIVE Q&A Webinars

  • LIVE Monthly Website Critiques

  • UNLIMITED Email Access To Armand

  • 12 Hour Monthly Marketing Intensives

  • $100k of Courses and Software

  • Monthly Traces Magazine

  • 4 LIVE AM2 Only Intensives

  • FREE Ticket To Marketing University

  • $25,000 Better Your Best Contest

AM2 Yearly Membership

SAVE $964.00 + FREE 90 Minute Consult

YES, I want to be a part of AM2 and allow Armand to help me build my business. I understand I will receive all the benefits AM2 has to offer for as long as I maintain an active membership.

SPECIAL BONUS: By paying for your AM2 Membership in advance you'll receive a private 90 minute consultation and strategy session directly with Armand. In this session he'll create a personal game plan for your business.

  • FREE 90 Minute Consultation

  • LIVE Weekly Training

  • LIVE Q&A Webinars

  • LIVE Monthly Website Critiques

  • UNLIMITED Email Access To Armand

  • 12 Hour Monthly Marketing Intensives

  • $100k of Courses and Software

  • Monthly Traces Magazine

  • 4 LIVE AM2 Only Intensives

  • FREE Ticket To Marketing University

  • $25,000 Better Your Best Contest