How Business Amplifiers Can Help Grow Your Business More Quickly

As you work to grow your information marketing business, if you think you can do it all yourself, you’re only kidding yourself. I’ve talked   earlier   about   outsourcing   of your product duplication and fulfillment needs, but that’s only one of many needs you may have that can be outsourced to help you grow your business even faster.

Just use the list below to stimulate your thinking on how you can use outsourcing to help your grow your business. 

This list is a summary  of services provided by various outsourcing firms:

  • Viability research
  • eBook development
  • Content writing (reports, blogs, articles, product reviews, etc.)
  • In depth research to locate products to sell
  • Transcribing audio or video
  • Customer support solutions
  • Blog creation and customization
  • Webmaster on call
  • Article marketing
  • Blog comment marketing
  • Discussion-board buzz marketing
  • Blog directory submission
  • Free classifieds marketing
  • Press release marketing
  • Pay per click campaign management

Virtual assistants are available to handle the routine tasks that can allow you to focus your efforts on the more valuable activities of sales and marketing and product creation. Services like eLance,

Rent-a-Coder, and ScriptLance can be utilized to help with product creation. Ghostwriters can write content for you.

Outsourcing isn’t the only business “amplifier” available to you. At some point in time, it may make sense to hire an actual employee. Also, software tools can be considered business “amplifiers.” A software tool that allows you to automate a process that saves you time on a regular basis is also a business amplifier.

Business amplifiers, which include outsourcing, can be  valuable  assets  to help you grow your information marketing empire.

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