How To Focus

Ah, the glamorous life of the entrepreneur. The entire business day is a constant battle for your attention, especially if you’re a “solopreneur” or have a small staff. You likely have to wear a dizzying number of “hats” including sales, marketing, finance, customer service—maybe even counselor or referee when it comes to keeping your team on track.

Here’s a skill that the most successful entrepreneurs use to stay on top – they’ve trained themselves to focus on one task in one of those “hat” areas at a time. It’s something I struggle with myself, so I know it’s  easier said than done. When it comes to productivity and focus, David Allen of is one of the best experts you’d ever want to meet.

One of David’s easiest and most powerful recommendations to sharpen your focus (you’re going to love this) involves just one blank sheet of paper. At  the  top,  write  “Mind Sweep — What’s Grabbing Your Attention?” and keep it next to you as you focus on ONE project for 25-45 minutes. When something pulls your attention away from what you’re doing, immediately capture it on your “Mind Sweep” sheet and get back to the task in front of you.

This fast and simple trick will raise your awareness of how often your mind wanders and help you to boost your productivity.

Armand Morin

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