ICF Training Area

Instant Cash Flow Training Area

Below is the Instant Cash Flow Fast Start Training. You'll find the initial training to get started and how the program works. You'll also find specific marketing strategies to get you going in the right direction.

NOTE: We'll also be conduction on going training to help you with new marketing strategies. One thing to keep in mind is that in the Marketing Library we have a huge amount of marketing training you can start learning from right now.

Instant Cash Flow: Fast Start Training

Below is your initial training for Instant Cash Flow. You'll find an overview of the program, how you get paid and also fast start methods to start generating traffic.



YouTube videos are a great way to generate incredible amounts of traffic to your site. In this training Armand shows…


What Is ReExpansion? It’s a brand new concept that I thought of recently.This concept is a way to take Retargeting…

25 Cent Leads

What we are going to do in this training, is show you how to generate leads in a very specific…

Customer HiJack

This is a brand new training from Armand called Customer Hijack. It is a strategy that utilizes Google and Facebook…