Involve and “Engage” Customers In Your Sales Process

It never fails, when I conduct a live keynote presentation or training program for a company or association, I am reminded that selling is a process, not a one-time event. You know that in order to sell more, you must be really good at building relationships and establishing credibility.

One way to establish credibility for your product or service is to use case studies, testimonials, and white papers to show “TRACKABLE RESULTS.” Third party (social proof ) information is a good starting point, but don’t stop there.

A prospect that gets involved in your presentation is more likely to understand the benefits your product or service will provide them. The odds of making a sale to a customer who is daydreaming through a boring presentation are slim to none… and slim is out of town!

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Your presentation must not only educate the customer on the benefits of your product or service, but it must get them to take an active role as opposed to sitting on their thumbs watching and listening to you. Just as the car shopper is the one that gets to take the wheel during a test drive, to ‘see for themselves’ the benefits of an awesome car, you should give your customer the wheel to engage them in your presentation.

When your prospect is engaged, they’ll be ready to make a buying decision much sooner. So, have your prospective customer ‘Do the Math’ during the sales process. You’ve often heard prospects say, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” right?

Here’s a technique that will not only engage them but will also keep them focused on the results your product or service will deliver to them.

What happens if you do a poor job educating your prospects…or worse yet, you confuse them? They do not buy!

“A prospect that gets involved in your presentation is more likely to understand the benefits your product or service will provide them.”

Right after you discover what your prospect wants, say something like, “Before we go on, let’s take a look at this Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation sheet (you can call it what you want). Let’s do some quick math to see how my product or service is going to benefit you and ensure we’re on the same page.”

Then hand them the sheet and a pen or pencil and let the games begin! I send a newsletter to clients that are part of my mastermind-coaching program; so let’s use this as our example:

Return on Investment Calculation Sheet

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Step ONE:
Write down three of the 3 best ideas you got out of this

  1. _____________________________________________
  2. _____________________________________________
  3. _____________________________________________

Step TWO:
Circle the idea above that you are going to implement

How much revenue is that idea going to generate next
month? $ _____________


How much money is that idea going to save you next month?
$ _____________________
If the idea will ‘continue to pay dividends’ every month
X12 months

The annual value of that idea to you $ _______

By showing the prospect the results they can expect to achieve by using your product or service, they will clearly see their investment is well worth it. You have now positioned your product/service ahead of other alternatives in quality and performance, but that’s only half of your objective.

Make sure and apply these numbers to their situation. Do this by continuing to ask specific questions that will get a “yes” response:

  • “Can you see how my _________ is going to save you money on your every month?” (yes)
  • “Can you see how my __________ is going to increase your sales each and every month?” (yes)

That’s it, piece of cake, right?

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