Let Technology Help You Become More Productive

Procrastination and overwhelm are two things that probably cost you time and money more than anything else. It’s so easy to check e-mail on your smartphone, get text messages or read your latest Twitter alerts instead of doing the only thing that really matters on your computer… making money!

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Let Technology Help You Become More Productive

Here are three ways to turn the tables and instead use technology to get more stuff done.

1. Post four daily tasks to an accountability blog.

The first thing I would do if you’re not sure what to do next, is to post four daily tasks to an accountability blog. This doesn’t mean write a big long to-do list in a notebook or a text file. Throw that out.

Instead,  create  a  WordPress  blog and  password-protect  it  or  secure it using Wishlist Member.  

Give a trusted friend access to that blog to make sure you are ONLY posting four things to do each day, and to make sure you are updating that blog at the end of the day to show you finished everything you promised.

2. Use Google Calendar to keep track of my appointments

The next breakthrough I’ve had to become more productive is using Google Calendar to keep track of my appointments,  launches,  deadlines and webinars.

If you have Gmail or a Google Account then you already have an online calendar you can get to from any web browser.

What makes Google Calendar unique is that the appointments on your calendar can have different levels.   

So you can have some appointments on the calendar whose contents remain private, others you share with your mastermind group and  more  you  might  share  with a business partner.   You set the access level.

3. The  final  productivity  boost  you can get from technology is NOT using it!

If you really want to finish that sales letter, blog post, or audio recording, turn off your cell phone. Close your e-mail and keep it closed until later in the day.  You need to remove as many distractions as possible until you’re done.

I’m sure you can think of many other uses for technology to get more things done throughout the day, but having an accountability blog, use an online calendar and turning off that cell phone are my three top tips by a long shot.

Robert Plank

Robert Plank is an Internet marketer who uses WordPress to enhance his business. Did you get a chance to apply those three WordPress changes to your blog? Get more profit-pulling plugins at: WordPressCrusher.com

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