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The Latest Marketing University Podcast Episode

Episode #031: The Sound of The Silence

Everyone needs to be able to focus right? Well I’ve tried hundreds of different ideas, gadgets and strategies to focus. The one thing that’s helped me most is so simple,…

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Episode #030: Do Nothing Make Money… Possible?

True story. I actually made money by doing nothing on total accident and I didn’t even know about it. Listen to the this true story and more importantly how you…

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Episode #029: It’s Not a Bird or a Plane, It’s a Webinar

Webinars are everywhere and for a good reason. If you are doing them now then great, but if you are not have a listen. But, I also have a simple…

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Episode #028: You Have To Dress For Success

How you look and feel to your customers determine how they feel about you. In this episode we talk about a recent experience I had in designing a new landing…

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Episode #027: More Testimonials = More Sales

Having the right testimonial can make or break a sale. The question is are you collecting all the testimonials you can, most people aren’t. This service can help you and…

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Episode #026: The Tortoise and The Hare

See how a small glimpse of success gets me excited. This is the key to succeeding in anything you do. Small changes leads to big gains. Focus on one thing…

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