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The Power of Photographs

By Jill Wisehart | October 27, 2020

Those of you who know me know how much I love to take photos and    videos. Photos, images, illustrations and videos should be an  important part of every blog post, press release, Facebook…

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Curious opt-in strategy

Create Curiosity For The Opt-In

By Armand Morin | October 27, 2020

Lately, I’ve been seeing people having an opt-in box pop up in the middle of their pages. They usually have a reason such as, “Subscribe to my newsletter,” or “Give…

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You Can Become An Authority Figure!

By E. Brian Rose | October 26, 2020

When people see your name associated with the big guys, the public will start to perceive you as one of those big guys. E. Brian Rose If you are seen…

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Why You Should Blog

By Jill Wisehart | October 26, 2020

Many people have asked me recently…why should they blog? I think this is a great topic to discuss.. Should you invest the time to blog? You know I love factoids……

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Give Your Joint Venture Offer An Extra Punch Pt:1

By Michel Fortin | October 26, 2020

Do you know and understand their market? Is your product a perfect fit? Is your market a perfect fit for their product(s), too? How many  people do they actually have…

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Book Launch Tips for Non-Fiction Kindle Books

By Jeanette Cates | October 26, 2020

“Just one simple marketing task each day can make all the difference in your book sales.” Jeanette Cates Track your sales from day one. You get what you focus on—…

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