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The Latest Marketing University Podcast Episode

Episode #025: A Happy Accident Changes Everything

We’re all looking for new ways to create content. But is it always the idea of creating new content or is it a matter of repurposing something you already have.…

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Episode #024: RSS Feeds To Make You Super Human

Everyone asks me how do I keep up to date with tons of new things happening everyday on the Internet. I know, I may appear super human, but I have…

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Episode #023: A Revolutionary Email Marketing Strategy?

I know, email, email and email. Has anything really changed with email marketing? Not really, you push a button or schedule it and people read it. Is that enough? I…

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Episode #022: Should You Write a Book?

Everyone says you need to write a book. My answer to this question will be probably make half the people watching a little angry but it’s the truth and I’ll…

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Episode #021: Tools, Tools Everywhere, Which One Do I Choose

It’s the tools we have which determines the speed and efficiency of our productivity. We need to be on the look out for tools which make our lives easier. I…

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Episode #020: Your Mom Was Wrong Be a Slacker

Years ago I needed a way for my company to communicate in an efficient manner. I tried tool after tool until I found what I needed. Fast forward 8 years…

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