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Create A Pocket Swipe File

By Robert Plank | December 11, 2020

Copywriters  recommend that if you want to learn copywriting, you need to create a Swipe File. It just means that if you see an ad that you like, you save it.…

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The Biggest Mistake People Make When Writing Sales Letters

By Armand Morin | December 11, 2020

The single biggest mistake people make, when writing their sales letter is not putting themselves in the shoes of the customer. armand morin Here’s what I mean. Everyone is so…

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Tips For Your Blog Content

By Jeanette Cates | December 11, 2020

Coming up with valuable content week after week, day after day, can get old after a while and it can become quite challenging. Here are a few tips to help…

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Grow Your Business With Your Own Affiliate Program

By Connie Ragen Green | December 11, 2020

You can increase your sales exponentially when others are driving traffic and leads to your sites on a regular basis. connie regan green I believe that affiliate marketing is an…

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The Importance Of Image Alt Tags

By Frank Deardurff | December 11, 2020

Adding Keyword Alt Tag To Your Images Is Important Because Search Engines Also Read Alt Tags. frank dearurff Let’s   start   this   section   by describing   what   an   image alternate (alt) tag…

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Google Analytics For Your Blog

By Jeanette Cates | December 10, 2020

Google analytics provides valuable information for you to fine tune your keyword strategy. It helps you learn what content people prefer on your site. And it helps you learn where…

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