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remarketing tracesjun22


By Armand Morin | June 2, 2022

That’s what they’re doing with this r remarketing idea. You went to this site, abc.com and now you leave it. All of a sudden you start seeing banners and ads everywhere for abc.com inviting you to come back to it.

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laura fuhrman 73ojlcahqhg unsplash

Retire Online: Your Legacy

By Jeanette Cates | May 13, 2022

One of the surprises when you retire is how quickly the details you were focused on start to fade. That can be good—you’re more relaxed when you’re not worried about…

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pexels andrea piacquadio 3807738

A Refund Has Been Issued

By Frank Deardurff | May 13, 2022

I recently received an email with the title, “A Refund Has Been Issued”. While on the one hand it was a relief to know I wasn’t losing any money, on…

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car ge538e9147 1280

Where Is My Flying Car?

By Armand Morin | May 10, 2022

“We need to use this technology as much as we possibly can to build our business. We don’t have to be rocket scientists to utilize this technology and ensure that we’re…

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pexels buro millennial 1438084

What Do Your Customers Want?

By Armand Morin | May 10, 2022

“I never would have guessed that NYC or Chicago would have been there if I hadn’t asked that question. I wanted to be sure that I’m giving my customers what…

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outbound marketing

Outbound Marketing

By Armand Morin | May 3, 2022

“Let’s be realistic here, I don’t expect the vast majority of you to go out and knock on doors. Now some of you might be doing that already, and that’s…

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