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By and large, most marketers are notoriously bad planners. They have so many irons in the fire that they fail to think out all the steps ahead of time. Completing all these steps maximizes their chances for a successful new product or service launch.

One of the things you think would be obvious is to fully test your online ordering system prior to launch date. Whether you’re using PayBlue, Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels, 1 Shopping Cart, Shopify, Red Oak Cart or any other system you’ve got to take the time to make sure your entire ordering process works exactly as you want it to.

  • Have you added the product(s) to your shopping cart system?
  • When  they click on the order button does the proper order page come up with the appropriate upsell offers?
  • Is your order page branded properly with  your company logo?
  • Does any order page audio or video play properly and is it the right message?
  • Does it take them to the proper thank you page?
  • If your product is digital, does your system generate the appropriate email notice on where to get their download?

You get the point. There are a lot of little things that can quickly screw up your customer’s purchasing experience.

Make sure you invest the time up front to eliminate those potential problems. If you’re supplementing online ordering with telephone orders, make sure whomever is handling the incoming calls has the proper scripts, answers the phone the way you want it answered, and has a foolproof method for transferring the order information to you or your fulfillment house.

The same holds true for any other methods you may use to accept orders. Make sure all your ordering processes work like a finely- tuned machine. The devil is definitely in the details!

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