Suck It Up

Champions know that to enjoy the easy times, they have to endure the hard times.

jim howard

Life can be tough. At times, it may feel as if you are just getting beaten down.

Suck It Up

You wake up tired, not feeling well, back hurting, age setting in, in a bad  mood, overwhelmed, negative, etc.

I  could  go  on  for  days  listing  all  the excuses that people use for being non- productive,  and that’s just what they are, excuses. Remember that excuses take you from where you need to be or from where you are supposed to be going.

“But you don’t understand, it’s hard to get going on days like today.” I hear that a lot, and guess what…You’re absolutely right — it is hard!

Tough times mean it’s time for tougher resolve. Everybody goes through this, but the most successful people are more determined that there is no excuse big enough to hold them back.

They “suck it up” and keep moving forward.

I once worked five years straight without ever missing a day or calling in sick. Do you think that I woke every day for five years feeling like going to work?

No! But I did it anyway.

Today, my wife and I operate our  own business. When working from home it’s easier than ever to give into those temptations and just say, “Nah, I think I’ll just hang out in bed today.”

How does that get me  to where I want to be? What about people that are relying on me to “show up?”  So, on  those  dreary days where sleep and shutdown seem like a good idea, I dig deep and force myself to move forward.

You may move a little slower than you did yesterday, and you may not get as much done as you will tomorrow, but you will move forward.

Champions know that to enjoy the easy times, they have to endure the hard times.

So, if you are feeling sluggish today for whatever  reason,  SUCK  IT  UP,  move forward and LIVE LIFE!

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Jim Howard

With over 30 years in commercial print, branding and publishing, Jim Howard has dedicated much of his life to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners move ahead in their business. Follow him at,

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