5 Ways To Beat Stress In 2021

2021 is Here! I could not wait for the last page of 2020 to close…how about you? Here we are at the start of a brand-new day, of a brand-new month, of a brand-new YEAR!!!! I know we are not out of the woods with this pandemic, but it’s a relief to start fresh. Stress…Click Here To Read More

5 Great Reasons To Start A Membership Site Today

There  are  a  lot  of  marketers  out  there telling you that you need a membership site. But do you really need one? Whether you’re planning a single payment download area, modular course paid in installments, or an ongoing monthly membership site, here are ten reasons to stop procrastinating and instead finish that membership site right…Click Here To Read More

5 Ways To Repurpose Your Articles

Repurposing    your    content    is the process of taking the same information and redoing it in order to reach more people in different kinds of ways. I repurpose every article I write and have been able to create an online empire filled with my trainings and other material. The first thing I do is to write…Click Here To Read More

5 Book Launch Ideas

Your book is finished. It’s about to hit the bookshelves and online stores. Now you’re ready to launch. Hold on! (Sound of  screeching  brakes)  This is not the time to launch your book. That time actually started months ago, when your book was just a glimmer in your eye and a glow in your brain.…Click Here To Read More

5 Strange & Powerful Split Testing Results

If you’re not split testing, it’s an easy way to improve your conversions. Send half your traffic to page A and half to page B and figure out which of those pages get you more opt-ins or sales. If you want a decent converting webpage you should split test. I’m going to share with you…Click Here To Read More

5 Ways To Build Your Credibility As A Consultant

Credibility is defined as “The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief.” This belief is critical to you as a consultant, because it is what determines whether or not someone chooses to do business with you. Here are five simple strategies you can use to build your credibility, even as a new consultant. 1. Provide…Click Here To Read More

5 Questions To Ask Before You Purchase Any Product

Ask yourself these five questions before you purchase any product.Dr. Jeanette Cates One  of  the  exciting  things  about doing business online is the  rapidly changing    landscape.    There    are new  technologies,  new  tactics,  and new   products coming onto the market daily. It’s a constant parade of new offers. But  do  you need the latest and greatest offering? Or   will   it   just become…Click Here To Read More

5 Simple Steps To Your First Membership Site

If you’re considering setting up your own membership site, here are five easy steps to follow. Choose a membership model. There are at least four different models you can follow for your member site. From free to unlimited monthly recurring, there is a variety that will fit your market and your message. The key is …Click Here To Read More

5 Ways To Generate More Money From Your Subscribers

Membership sites and newsletters, both online and offline are becoming more and more popular both for customers and for marketers. Customers like them because they can consume information in bite-size chunks over time AND they have access to current content, not information that’s been sitting on the shelves for months, and sometimes even years. Marketers…Click Here To Read More