Do You Need A Site Reliability Engineer?

do you need a site reliability engineer?
Recently I had a conversation with a good friend that asked, “isn’t this what you do?” and mentioned the term “site reliability engineer.” She said it sounded like a really cool title for what seems to be exactly what I do for some of my customers as well as my own needs. After Googling it…Click Here To Read More

It’s Not A Bird or a Plane It’s a Webinar

its a webinar
“Webinars enable you to spend a good amount of time with a lot of people. The more time you spend with people the more they get to know you and trust you. By watching you and listening to you, they get a feeling for you as an individual.”armand Morin Let’s talk about “automation.” Let me…Click Here To Read More

Build A Webinar Strategy

build a webinar strategy
By the time you read this my “Build A Webinar” workshop will be over, and I’m sure many of you will have taken part in it. Here is the simple pre-sale marketing strategy I plan to use to promote it. This is the strategy I laid out in last month’s ( July 2021) Traces magazine.…Click Here To Read More

A Plan For Dealing With Customer Disputes

As online marketers, we are continually working to generate leads to offer our products and services. Simply put, this means that we are looking for customers and/or clients. While these customers and/or clients are essential for our businesses, they require inter- action of some sort. It is in these interactions where opportunities for disagreements arise.…Click Here To Read More

A Look At Finding Keywords

Before we talk about finding keywords, I want to take a quick moment to explain why keywords are important. If you’re just getting started online, you may not be familiar with keywords or maybe even long tail keywords. So, let’s get started. Keywords are simply buzzwords that potential visitors would use to find your site.…Click Here To Read More

Just A Goal?

“Promote what makes you the most money and makes the most profit for the time spent on it!”Frank Deardurff If you’re serious about succeeding in anything whether it be in life, fitness, health, etc., you need more than just a goal. You need goals…plural—more than one. One definition of the word goal is “the object…Click Here To Read More

Create A Pocket Swipe File

Copywriters  recommend that if you want to learn copywriting, you need to create a Swipe File. It just means that if you see an ad that you like, you save it. If you see a web page that you like, you save it to a folder. If you see an ad or a piece of junk…Click Here To Read More

5 Great Reasons To Start A Membership Site Today

There  are  a  lot  of  marketers  out  there telling you that you need a membership site. But do you really need one? Whether you’re planning a single payment download area, modular course paid in installments, or an ongoing monthly membership site, here are ten reasons to stop procrastinating and instead finish that membership site right…Click Here To Read More

The Need For A Customized Plan

In this article, I want to share with you a quick story that helped me to understand the value of proper, as well as customized planning.  Hopefully, you’ll see the same points that I was able to see and learn some valuable lessons. A several years ago, I successfully completed the Las Vegas Marathon. Shortly…Click Here To Read More

Newsletters As A Stick Strategy?

What is a stick strategy? It’s anything you can do to make sure the sale  of your information product stands with your customer. In other words, it isn’t refunded – it sticks. Let’s say you’re selling a higher priced home study course, for example a $997 course on real estate investing. It’s only a couple…Click Here To Read More

Be An Innovator Not A Duplicator

When  you  are  in  the  business  of marketing and selling products, you want to be  a  trendsetter.  You  want  to always be the one setting the pace for your industry. So how do create products that are constantly better than the competition? One way is by building a better mousetrap. It’s been around since the…Click Here To Read More

How To Choose A Copywriter

Your copy is arguably one of the most important aspects of your marketing. Without great copy, you can’t expect your marketing messages to be very effective.armand morin How  important  is working  with  a  great copywriter? Well, how important is your copy? Your  copy  is  arguably  one  of  the   most important aspects of your marketing. Without…Click Here To Read More

What Makes A Great Leader?

Regardless of whatever myth you may have heard, Leaders are not born! They are forged. Life has a way of molding people and shaping their character. Leaders all share certain characteristics. So what makes a great leader? Leaders Should Be Humble Does this surprise you? Pride is one of the most detrimental factors to effective…Click Here To Read More

How Do You Write A Post-Sale Follow Up Sequence?

Figuring out what emails to send to your subscribers is easy. First of all, you need to have a separate sub-list in your autoresponder for every product you sell. That means if you sell one e-book and one membership site then you have a sub-list for the e-book and a sub-list for the membership site.…Click Here To Read More

Where There’s A Vision There’s A Way

We have all heard that quote before; maybe so many times that it has lost its sting of truth. But the truth is that it is still very pertinent in today’s world. Successful people are visionaries. They dream way before they leap. They conjure ideas and visions in their minds, they look at them from…Click Here To Read More

Increase Productivity 1% At A Time

Increasing our personal and business productivity can be a daunting task and sometimes we don’t even know where to start. There’s so much information coming toward us, and the list of things to do seems to grow while we’re sleeping. Maybe it’s time to stop trying to do it all right now, and take a…Click Here To Read More

5 Ways To Build Your Credibility As A Consultant

Credibility is defined as “The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief.” This belief is critical to you as a consultant, because it is what determines whether or not someone chooses to do business with you. Here are five simple strategies you can use to build your credibility, even as a new consultant. 1. Provide…Click Here To Read More

Hire A GhostWriter For You Book

Writing doesn’t have to be the hardest part of your eBook creation. If you hire ghostwriter freelancer, you put the responsibility of writing on them.armand morin I write most of the copy for my own products. I do okay at it, but it takes me a lot of time. It’s not my specialty. I don’t…Click Here To Read More

Painting A Picture With Your Sales Letter

Many people ask me how they can write better copy for their sales letters. One of the first things that always come to mind is to be more descriptive. Now, I don’t necessarily mean that you need to do a better job describing your product. What I mean is you should try to paint a…Click Here To Read More

Audio Versions Of Your Products Are A Must

Most people don’t bother with the hassle of providing an audio recording, but a wise marketer provides their information products on audio.armand morin I don’t know about you, but I am busy. I don’t have time to sit down and read a book or information product. I much prefer listening to a recording more than…Click Here To Read More

Reasons Why You Should Start A Membership Site

Here are five important reasons why all Internet based, Information Marketers need a Membership site.robert plank 1. A Place To Put Resale Rights Products Maybe  you  bought  resale  rights  from Armand,  bought  resale  rights  on your own or even have finished products you haven’t marketed yet. If you create a membership site, and you have…Click Here To Read More

You Are Not A Fraud… Believe In Yourself

You are where you are for a reason, and if the people around you believe you are incredible, then believe them because you are!”Jim Howard Have you ever felt like a fraud…like you’re not qualified to do what you do? If you’ve ever felt this way, believe me there’s nothing wrong with you. In fact…Click Here To Read More

Use Your Website As A Continual Test Ground

Testing is an often overlooked or completely forgotten about function of a website. You should always  be in “test mode” on your website, tweaking and testing to see what you can do to improve conversion rates. Any element of your web page can and should be tested to see if you can get a better…Click Here To Read More

Why Do You Need A Vision?

Having a vision is extremely important to actually achieving your goals. The dictionary defines a vision as a thought, concept or object formed by the imagination, or a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial. I prefer to define it as the visualization of a future result or to see more than what actually exists.…Click Here To Read More

Sell A Great Product

I get approached by a lot of different people who all have questions about making money online. They generally ask questions like: What’s the latest and greatest?What’s the new information out there?What’s changed? I always tell them what’s on my mind at the time and then try to answer their questions. One of the things…Click Here To Read More

How To Build A Profitable Recurring Income Business

The recurring income model is the best way to build up your residual online income stream.connie ragen green I firmly believe the recurring income model is the best way to build up your residual online  income  stream.  I  learned this very quickly when I was just getting started online and to this day, I continue…Click Here To Read More

How To Run A Spam Check Before Sending Your eMail

There are many tools to help you evaluate your own emails for their likelihood of ending up in the junk folder. Most free email accounts nowadays have relatively accurate content filters, which rarely result in false positives—the term used to de- scribe legitimate emails identified and filed as junk email. However, a very important thing…Click Here To Read More

You Can Be A Winner!

Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. And Opportunity is there all the time.earl nightingale Isn’t it funny how some things just seem to fall in our laps, seemingly by pure luck…while others are so elusive? The truth is, these lucky experiences are there all of the time. Earl Nightingale was one of the…Click Here To Read More

Autoresponders Aren’t Just A Pre-Sales Tool

Autoresponders can also help the sale “stick”…and help you customer consume your information more quickly and come back for more of your products.bret ridgway It seems to me there is a common perception that email is a tool just to help you make a sale. You know— you get them to opt in to your…Click Here To Read More

How To Write A Pre-sale Follow Up Sequence

You have a product. You have an autoresponder set up and a landing page. But now you need to figure out what emails you will be sending to those subscribers who come to your landing page and opted in your list and are ready or need to be convinced to buy your product. It’s very…Click Here To Read More