In past articles, I’ve talked about the opt-in page, the sales letter, follow-up, etc. for my 30X System. But, it all has to start somewhere. You need traffic before anything else kicks in, and that starts with advertising. You have to create an ad which drives prospects to an opt-in page (or landing page) which…Click Here To Read More
In this training Armand shares random thoughts of things that he is working on. The following is a short list of the topics in this video. Randon Thoughts From Armand’s Mind: Email Campaign secrets Knowing your autoresponder features What to do when people don’t open your emails What time of day should emails be sent…Click Here To Read More
In today’s training Armand shares with you a new marketing strategy that he’s been perfecting recently. He will share with you his ad numbers and what he is currently experiencing with this ad strategy.Click Here To Read More
If you are looking for additional options for running ads you will want to watch this trainigng from Armand on Yahoo Gemini. I he explains how he is currently using and the top featuers you need to know.Click Here To Read More
In this training Gareth Owen of, shares strategies on how to triple your sales, ad halve your advertising costs, no matter what you sell online. These tips are time tested tips that will work in any market you are trying to reach.Click Here To Read More
Join us as Armand’s good friend, Jim Edwards of joins us to talk about Ad ! PROBLEM: You need targeted, steady, high-converting traffic. SOLUTION: Learn how to write a great ad! TRUTH: The whole sales cycle (online or offline) all starts with a great ad. During this training Jim talks about a hand out…Click Here To Read More