Protecting Assets With Mediation

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For the past couple of years, I’ve been expanding my approach to asset protection strategy in more of a preventative manner than in a defensive one. What I mean by this is that rather than strictly utilizing and relying on the use of legal entities for protection, I’ve expanded into increasing my knowledge and skill…Click Here To Read More

Documentation For Covering Your Assets

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One of the most important parts of any properly structured plan for protecting one’s assets is documentation. While this may seem somewhat obvious since there is a lot of documentation involved in setting up various legal structures, we need to focus a bit more on the totality of that documentation rather than simply limiting ourselves…Click Here To Read More

Identify Your Marketing Assets

When you think about your online business and its assets you can clearly see that selling information on the Internet is a much better way of keeping your car in the garage. By this I mean that if you were selling tangibles on a site like eBay, your car would be out in the rain…Click Here To Read More