Becoming An Authority

If people knew who you were, would that make them really want to buy from you? The short answer is YES. If your reputation precedes you then you’re not an unknown factor anymore. They have something to base their decision to buy on, and it’s  going to be easier for them to make that buying…Click Here To Read More

You Can Become An Authority Figure!

When people see your name associated with the big guys, the public will start to perceive you as one of those big guys.E. Brian Rose If you are seen as an authority figure in your niche, you will undoubtedly sell more products, get more clients, and be a target for free publicity from the media.…Click Here To Read More

Stay Current..

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Or You Won’t Have A Business!     The last thing you want to do is share old and outdated information. Have you been to a seminar or conference where you heard a speaker delivering out-of-date ideas? You knew those strategies wouldn’t work anymore, yet the tactics were being touted as gospel. Why? Because the…Click Here To Read More

Show Me The Money!

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The following is an excerpt from the book, AUTHORity, being published by Morgan James Publishing. Too many times authors come to me with unrealistic expectations of what will happen once their book is written. These hopes come from hype built by Hollywood and other mainstream media outlets: all you need to do is write the…Click Here To Read More

Expert, Guru, Or Authority

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Let’s first see what the difference is between the three and then you decide which category you want to fall in… Expert Experts display special skills or knowlege derived from training or experience. They are really good at what they do and do it better than just about anybody else. Think about athletes like Michael…Click Here To Read More

Why You Need A Book Coach

In this training with Jim Howard of He shares with you the benefits of publishing a book and why having a book coach will help you reach your goals quicker and easier than trying to figure it all out on your own.Click Here To Read More