Tips For Your Blog Content

Coming up with valuable content week after week, day after day, can get old after a while and it can become quite challenging. Here are a few tips to help keep the wheels spinning and your blog growing.Dr. jeanette cates #1 Get organized Do you ever notice  that  great  content ideas come to you when you’re driving…Click Here To Read More

Google Analytics For Your Blog

Google analytics provides valuable information for you to fine tune your keyword strategy. It helps you learn what content people prefer on your site. And it helps you learn where your visitors are coming from so you can adjust your traffic generation strategies as neededDr. Jeanette Cates Google Analytics is a handy tool you can…Click Here To Read More

Why You Should Blog

Many people have asked me recently…why should they blog? I think this is a great topic to discuss.. Should you invest the time to blog? You know I love factoids… how about this one? Did you know that there are over 164 million blogs on the internet? Companies who have over 51 blog posts on…Click Here To Read More