People like numbers and really love lists, especially bulleted lists. Numbers promise bite-sized, easier- to-digest chunks of information. Lists are short and sweet and cluster similar ideas for greater impact.Headlines that list a number make a concrete and credible promise.Lists are specific and quantifiable, which convey greater authority. Bullets are easier to scan but easier…Click Here To Read More
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Trust and authenticity are not just good ideas but critical to women in particular. I want to back up a little and give you a reference that’s going to help you in all your marketing decisions when it comes to reaching either the male or female market. It comes down to how both genders are…Click Here To Read More
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I’ll never forget the day I decided to quit my stable $50,000 a year job. Candy, the older assistant who really ran the company, had the radio on in her office. She actually bossed me around sort of like the Meryl Streep character in “The Devil Wears Prada”. But most of the time she tolerated…Click Here To Read More
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The female market is the fastest growing, largest segment of consumers worldwide with money and buying power, and they cross over into almost EVERY brand. Check this out … Women today represent the majority of the online market. According to Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather, when it comes to women and their digital habits … 22% shop…Click Here To Read More
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The #1 copy writing mistake entrepreneurs make is to make their sales copy all about themselves instead of their prospective customer. What do I mean? Well, they tell the prospect how great their product is, how smart they are, how long they’ve been in business and how their product works. The customer doesn’t care about…Click Here To Read More
Ray Edwards of will walk us through what has changed (and what has not) in the world of copywriting. You’ll discover: • The up-to-the-minute, scientifically verified truth about the age-old question: long copy or short? • How to write powerful sales copy without being pushy. • One single secret about copywriting today that can…Click Here To Read More
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is our training this week and in this session Lorrie shares what she calls is The 5-Step Secret Sauce to Sizzling Copy. Also for this trainingLorrie provided a special hand out which you can download by clicking here.Click Here To Read More
Join us as Armand’s good friend, Jim Edwards of joins us to talk about Ad ! PROBLEM: You need targeted, steady, high-converting traffic. SOLUTION: Learn how to write a great ad! TRUTH: The whole sales cycle (online or offline) all starts with a great ad. During this training Jim talks about a hand out…Click Here To Read More
Statistics show that women influence the majority of buying decisions across the board – from electronics to cars to houses to shampoo… But the best news about women buyers is their commitment. Once a woman finds a product or service she loves, not only is SHE loyal, she can’t wait to share the news! That…Click Here To Read More
Join us as Michel Fortin talks about Market Research Secrets to Boost Your Copy’s Maximum Selling Power The number one key in great copy writing is not the words but the readers. Your audience. Michel will be reviewing some of his market research techniques by going through his copywriting questionnaire he has his clients fill…Click Here To Read More
Our Platinum expert this week is Robert Plank of Instead of taking weeks or months agonizing over your first (or next) sales letter, you can do it in as little as 59 minutes. Every time you apply my simple 6-step process to create a compelling web page… it will grab attention, excite people, and…Click Here To Read More