Create A Pocket Swipe File

Copywriters  recommend that if you want to learn copywriting, you need to create a Swipe File. It just means that if you see an ad that you like, you save it. If you see a web page that you like, you save it to a folder. If you see an ad or a piece of junk…Click Here To Read More

Create Membership Sites Out Of Your Live Webinars

It saddens me when I see marketers offer live classes or even live coaching and then forget to do anything with the recordings…if they have made recordings at all!robert plank Freelancing or coaching is okay if you’re recording that coaching and adding it to a product.   If you’re doing it the old way (offering a…Click Here To Read More

Create You Product Funnel Backwards

It makes sense to create your product funnel backwardsrobert plank When you visit someone’s web site, you visit their squeeze page before seeing their sales letter and you buy that entry-level product before you see the upsell.   So does that mean you should create your product funnel in the same order?  Definitely not! Create that…Click Here To Read More

Your Next Product: What To Create

or years I have maintained that product creation  is  not  difficult.  I regularly crank out 2-4 new products each month because I  love the process! But I watch other people struggle for months trying to create their first product. What’s the difference? I think it comes down to two things:  Choice of topic and use…Click Here To Read More

Create Press Releases Ahead Of Your Book Launch

Press releases are a great way to announce the launch of a new book Press releases give you the opportunity to start having conversations with potential readers even before the book is out. Simply look at what other authors are doing and model your release after theirs. See how they describe the book, set the…Click Here To Read More

Create Your Product Based Upon Research

Sometimes it makes sense to offer the same product in more than one format. armand morin Research and determine how your market likes to consume products. Once you determine how your market likes to learn, you can build your product accordingly. You may find it makes sense to create your product in more than one…Click Here To Read More

How To Create Secure Passwords That are Easy To Remember

Many times we use passwords that are way too easy to guess and use the same passwords over and over across many sites…this makes a hackers life easy.frank deardurff I’ve seen this mistake over and over on many websites and web services that many business owners utilize. The mistake that I’m talking about is simplistic…Click Here To Read More

Create Products That Solve Problems

Remember that the reason to start an Internet business is to give you the time and money to live the life you choose.connie ragen green If you are creating information products that help people to solve their problems you will want to make sure that they actually do hit the mark with this in a…Click Here To Read More

Using Video To Easily Create Products

As I look around, I see people making their work and life much too complicated. In other words, they take the long way to do things. I like to take the shortest route from point A to B. Most people complicate the functions that are needed to get there. With that in mind, let’s talk…Click Here To Read More