Getting Your Email Read

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If you are delivering content through a series of email messages your biggest challenge is clearly simply getting them to open up your email. When they initially sign up for your email series you should immediately set their expectations as to what they will be receiving from you. This would include the total number of…Click Here To Read More

Squeezing all of the Income From Your List

In past articles we’ve talked about the 8-step process and the long- term, 12-month, follow up. These two processes will bring you more sales than you can ever imagine! The 8-step process forces people to take action—they have to do it now; they can’t rest on it. It’s a countdown that instills the need to…Click Here To Read More

Email Marketing Works

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We’ve heard over and over that you must continue to create content for your subscribers and customers, content is king! When you provide good email content it deepens your relationship with your audience. The goal is to deliver quality, niche specific content that your prospects need and hopefully share with others. With that in mind……Click Here To Read More