How To Boost Your Book Sales

You have done your research, identified your  target  market  and worked hard on preparing an eBook that’s right on trend in your niche. After initial success it seems your sales have trickled down significantly and your returns are rising. Your question now is what happened and where you did you go wrong? If your information…Click Here To Read More

How To Manage Your Email Accounts To Remain Productive

Your email account gives you access to the people in your life, but it can easily get out of control.connie regan green Do you receive hundreds of emails each  day?   You must be able to  communicate  in this  way  in  order  to  maximize  your effectiveness  in  the  shortest  amount of time. That’s why I…Click Here To Read More

How To Choose A Copywriter

Your copy is arguably one of the most important aspects of your marketing. Without great copy, you can’t expect your marketing messages to be very effective.armand morin How  important  is working  with  a  great copywriter? Well, how important is your copy? Your  copy  is  arguably  one  of  the   most important aspects of your marketing. Without…Click Here To Read More

How To Raise Your Prices

Have you ever noticed that products in your niche are priced at varying levels—from $7 to $2,000? If you are selling the $7 product, you may be asking yourself how anyone could sell a $2,000 product. On the other hand, if you are selling the $2,000 product, you are probably asking how anyone can afford…Click Here To Read More

How To Post Launch your Product

Most of us are aware of the importance of a product pre-launch But did you know a Post Launch may be even more important?robert plank You might have read my advice before where I told you the easiest way to launch a product on autopilot is simply by scheduling e-mails in your autoresponder in advance,…Click Here To Read More

How To Generate New Ideas For Your Business

Here’re five questions that will help spark all kinds of new ideas for you and your business and whatever products or services you’re currently offering. So I suggest you either print  this  article out or get a piece of paper and a pen, and write them down. These are very valuable idea stimuli that will spark a…Click Here To Read More

How To Prevent Hacking Of Your WordPress Sites

Many people don’t pay attention to the URL when visit a site… What they’re really doing is providing their username and password to the hackerfrank deardurff This article is for people that own websites or who visit websites…which these days is pretty much everyone, correct? As you may or may not know I run a…Click Here To Read More

How To Write Compelling Headlines

Your headline is the most important piece of copy on your sales page.connie ragen green Being able to write compelling headlines is a skill that will set you apart from others who are also working to promote their products and services on  the  Internet.  Once  you  learn  how this can be done effectively you will…Click Here To Read More

How To Take Control Your Email Inbox Bloat

A few years ago I looked over and realized that my unread message count had reached 56,000 emails. Yes, your read that correctly…and that was just the unread messagesfrank deardurff If you are like many professionals you run into this problem where your inbox grows and grows faster than you can keep up with so…Click Here To Read More

How To Start Marketing Your Product

Most people don’t maximize the amount of money they’re making on sales.armand morin Create Your Advertising Accounts Setup and Adwords account on Google. then create an advertising account on Bing. You also need to set up a Facebook advertising account. Don’t stop with these. Also set up other Social Media advertising accounts Your next step…Click Here To Read More

How To Attract Great Affiliate Marketers

Here are some simple steps you can take to connect with marketers that are in a position to promote you and your products.dr jeanette cates Congratulations!  You’ve just released your newest online course or product. You’re promoting like crazy, but can always use more help in promotion. It would be particularly helpful to have other…Click Here To Read More

How To Create Secure Passwords That are Easy To Remember

Many times we use passwords that are way too easy to guess and use the same passwords over and over across many sites…this makes a hackers life easy.frank deardurff I’ve seen this mistake over and over on many websites and web services that many business owners utilize. The mistake that I’m talking about is simplistic…Click Here To Read More

How To Consume Seminars And Other Live Training Events

A live training event is like a buffet type restaurant…There’s so much offered, that if you tried to do it all, you’d get sick from callens A live training event is like a buffet-type restaurant. At a sit down type restaurant your food is brought to you. At a fast food restaurant they hand…Click Here To Read More

How To Build A Profitable Recurring Income Business

The recurring income model is the best way to build up your residual online income stream.connie ragen green I firmly believe the recurring income model is the best way to build up your residual online  income  stream.  I  learned this very quickly when I was just getting started online and to this day, I continue…Click Here To Read More

How To Use Hyperlinks

Too many times people have added styles to the link to make it appear a different color or added coding to make the underline disappear…Remember a confused shopper rarely buys. They just stay confused and then leave.”frank deardurff This website mistake (see above quote) has been an issue for a long time  but  with some of the newer…Click Here To Read More

How To Run A Spam Check Before Sending Your eMail

There are many tools to help you evaluate your own emails for their likelihood of ending up in the junk folder. Most free email accounts nowadays have relatively accurate content filters, which rarely result in false positives—the term used to de- scribe legitimate emails identified and filed as junk email. However, a very important thing…Click Here To Read More

How To Prosper In The New Year

YOU HAVE THE tools.YOU HAVE THE knowledge.YOU HAVE THE ability.YOU HAVE THE brainpower… as a Marketing University group to do things that no one ever thought possible.armand morin What should you do to make this your best year ever? As we come to the first of a new year, there is this unique opportunity where…Click Here To Read More

How To Write A GREAT Ad

Curiosity is the most powerful way to induce someone to click on anything online…especially on an ad.Jim edwards Ads get attention and arouse curiosity from the right people – Attention and curiosity result in clicks – Clicks put eyeballs on the offer (your website, affiliate link, or whatever else you’re trying to sell). So, bottom…Click Here To Read More

How To Get 1000+ Newsletter Subscribers

There are many strategies to making money on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless you have a big list. Email Marketing is the most profitable way to make money on the internet. When you build a list of hot and hungry prospects you control your future.Matt Bacak You hear it all the time, “the…Click Here To Read More