It’s Not A Bird or a Plane It’s a Webinar

its a webinar
“Webinars enable you to spend a good amount of time with a lot of people. The more time you spend with people the more they get to know you and trust you. By watching you and listening to you, they get a feeling for you as an individual.”armand Morin Let’s talk about “automation.” Let me…Click Here To Read More

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Copy is all about words. Or is it? Copy is about using words to describe the benefits of your offer. About using words to paint vivid mental imagery. About using words to stir the senses, press all the “hot buttons” and push the reader to take some kind of action. But is it really ALL…Click Here To Read More

It’s Not How You Start; But How You Finish

You’ve heard the saying, “What have you done for me lately?” Unfortunately, in our fast paced world, that view has gotten a bit carried away and now seems to be more like, “What have you done for me in the last 30 seconds?” We live in an impatient, quick to judge society that loves to…Click Here To Read More