A Look At Finding Keywords

Before we talk about finding keywords, I want to take a quick moment to explain why keywords are important. If you’re just getting started online, you may not be familiar with keywords or maybe even long tail keywords. So, let’s get started. Keywords are simply buzzwords that potential visitors would use to find your site.…Click Here To Read More

How Often Do You Update Your Keywords

Over the last several weeks we have discovered that many of the businesses we know have not updated their keywords in a long time—if ever.  My question  to you  is; when was the last time you took a look at the key- words in the copy of your website, on the back side of your…Click Here To Read More

Advertising – It All Originates Here!

In past articles, I’ve talked about the opt-in page, the sales letter, follow-up, etc. for my 30X System. But, it all has to start somewhere. You need traffic before anything else kicks in, and that starts with advertising. You have to create an ad which drives prospects to an opt-in page (or landing page) which…Click Here To Read More


This training is on a topic that we get a lot of questions and requests about. Armand shows in detail, not only the logic but the how to, on finding the keywords you need.Click Here To Read More

Discover What Your Customers Want

Do you create products and services based on what YOU think your customer wants? In this training by Frank Deardurff of FrankDeardurff.com you will learn how to easily discover what your customers really want and how to use that information to create better products, books and services.Click Here To Read More

Getting Started Online

In this training we talk about the things that many don’t consider when getting started online. In this training by Frank Deardurff of FrankDeardurff.com you will learn about what is needed for your website and items to think about even before buying your domain. This training is a good refresher if you are getting ready…Click Here To Read More