To Bribe or Not To Bribe – That Is The Question

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In previous articles we talked about “pre-framing” the “Opt-in Page. This week we’ll address a controversial aspect of Opt-in pages, the bribe. We are starting with the assumption that you are using an opt-in page. It doesn’t matter what type, video, audio etc., you’re using. If you’re already using an opt-in page, you, like most…Click Here To Read More

Is The Process Broken?

Since I’m an online entrepreneur and web developer, I spend A LOT of time online. This also means I use the Internet a lot when corresponding with other people and businesses. Something recently has annoyed me, and I want to make sure this does not happen to you. What I’m talking about is lost opportunities.…Click Here To Read More

The Power of Pre-Framing The Opt-in Page

In recent article, I talked about the “Power Of Pre- framing.” I stated that I targeted my ads and then pre-framed the prospects. The “opt-in page” is the next step in the pre-framing process. I’ll interchange the terms “opt-in” and “landing” page here. They are very similar but, in my opinion, there are some differences.…Click Here To Read More