I’m Going Mobile

I'm Going Mobile
“While we “think” our website will be good on any platform (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) many times it isn’t. So, if we’re focused on just one of those “streets,” we may not be “going mobile.”Frank Deardurff I look at a lot of websites throughout the year. After all, I am a web guy, and…Click Here To Read More

Taking Actions On Your Goals

We have an enormous task ahead of us if we want to achieve all our goals, including the ‘make more money goal.’ Well, there are 365 days in a year and by the time you read this we’ll have already blown through over 60 of them. We have to make each of these days count…Click Here To Read More

Do You Try To Put To Much On One Web site?

We’ve seen it time and time again. You go  to  a  website  and  everything  is there, including the kitchen sink. You’ve got outgoing links to recommended resources, you’ve got their recommended books on Amazon, you’ve got a compilation of articles, you’ve got a large product showcase, and seemingly everything else under the sun. Speaking great…Click Here To Read More

7 Steps To Get High Rankings On Search Engines

Do you ever wonder how some sites get top rankings in the main search engines and others do not? Well of course you do. The reason being  is that these sites adhere to a system that the search engines love and in return give these websites higher and better rankings in their listings. There are…Click Here To Read More

Launch Your Products On AutoPilot

When you put out a new product, you have to launch it.  There’s no question about that. The only variable is the size of that product launch.Robert Plank You might not have a gigantic list or an army of affiliates but you still should take these tiny steps to make sure people see what you…Click Here To Read More

Who’s On Your Web Team?

One of the phenomena of the Web is that it all looks so easy. After all, it just takes some typing, a few graphics and a link here or there to create a web page, right? But it’s more complex than that when you’re serious about doing business online. In fact, it takes a TEAM…Click Here To Read More

Is It On The Calendar Yet?

The sooner you start using a calendar to organize yourself instead of a super long task list, the sooner you’ll get everything done faster and ensure that you deliver on your promises. I use Google Calendar to manage my calendar. This is cool because it’s built in to G-mail. There’s already a calendar tab in…Click Here To Read More