Create Curiosity For The Opt-In

Curious opt-in strategy
Lately, I’ve been seeing people having an opt-in box pop up in the middle of their pages. They usually have a reason such as, “Subscribe to my newsletter,” or “Give me your name and email address, and I’ll give you a special report (or video, audio etc.)” to compel the visitor to submit their name…Click Here To Read More

Getting The Most out Of The 30X System

My 30X system is the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to you site!armand morin Why do I say it’s the fastest way to drive targeted traffic? Because it gives you the opportunity to collect prospects where they are at that moment. Think about it — your prospect just typed in a search phrase and…Click Here To Read More

Avoid Opt-in Form Abandonment

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I was recently asked how many form fields is too many on an opt-in page/form. A similar question is, are there form fields that will cause opt-in form abandonment? To answer that, we need to look at a few different things. It’s hard to give a global answer for everyone. What I will say is…Click Here To Read More

To Bribe or Not To Bribe – That Is The Question

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In previous articles we talked about “pre-framing” the “Opt-in Page. This week we’ll address a controversial aspect of Opt-in pages, the bribe. We are starting with the assumption that you are using an opt-in page. It doesn’t matter what type, video, audio etc., you’re using. If you’re already using an opt-in page, you, like most…Click Here To Read More

The Power of Pre-Framing The Opt-in Page

In recent article, I talked about the “Power Of Pre- framing.” I stated that I targeted my ads and then pre-framed the prospects. The “opt-in page” is the next step in the pre-framing process. I’ll interchange the terms “opt-in” and “landing” page here. They are very similar but, in my opinion, there are some differences.…Click Here To Read More

30X Blueprint

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We’ve had a number of people ask for this so here it is, a step-by-step guide to my 30X System: At its base, we surround a sales letter with multiple opt-in pages optimized for one keyword phrase each. It doesn’t HAVE to be 30, this is just the number I use as a base. It…Click Here To Read More

Getting Started Online

In this training we talk about the things that many don’t consider when getting started online. In this training by Frank Deardurff of you will learn about what is needed for your website and items to think about even before buying your domain. This training is a good refresher if you are getting ready…Click Here To Read More