Information Marketing – What’s In & What’s Out

Since Armand is doing his annual “State of the Internet Marketing” address in this issue, I thought I’d piggyback on that and talk about the state of information marketing. We’ve been providing physical product duplication and fulfillment services for nearly 20 years now and a lot has changed over that time. The day of the…Click Here To Read More

Somehow, It’ll Work Out

Do you ever worry that  things are just too tough? Ever feel overwhelmed, or that you’re carrying a heavy load? Do you ever wonder how you can handle the strong emotions that just erupt inside? Or, have you ever done something that was stupid, or gotten yourself in a jam, and you just don’t know…Click Here To Read More

Create Membership Sites Out Of Your Live Webinars

It saddens me when I see marketers offer live classes or even live coaching and then forget to do anything with the recordings…if they have made recordings at all!robert plank Freelancing or coaching is okay if you’re recording that coaching and adding it to a product.   If you’re doing it the old way (offering a…Click Here To Read More

Is Your Order Page Out Of Order?

quick way to lose a hard earned sale is to have an order page that is out of sync with the rest of your website. We’re told time and time again that people buy from those they know, like and trust. We do everything we can on the optin page to get that first sign…Click Here To Read More

Taking The Mystery Out Of Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases may be one or two words long, but are most typically three to seven words. It seems like the more words in the phrase the more likely it is that someone is ready to make a purchase.connie ragen green How To  Rank  On Page One For Your Keyword Phrases Page  one  SEO  (search  engine…Click Here To Read More