In the information product world it’s well known that consumption is an important consideration with any product, whether it’s a book, an audio program, a video program, or a full- blown home study course consisting of multiple media types. And the use of consumption autoresponders, “read this first” letters or “getting started guides” and incorporating…Click Here To Read More
Your Plan for Business Success When I decided to come online in 2006 it was so that I could leave my job as a classroom teacher and real estate broker/appraiser and work exclusively from home. I had no clue what I could do to serve others and build a business around, but I was willing…Click Here To Read More
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Having put out a handful of apps in the past, people often ask me how they too can create an app of their own. This is what I have to share. Is There A Real And Significant Need? This is the critical question before you journey down the path to creating an app. If you…Click Here To Read More
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That most of us know  as a home study course is an interesting beast, because it can consist of many methods of content delivery. Commonly, a home study course will consist of some printed component (often a 3-ring binder) and some combination of CDs, DVDs and additional printed components. It can also include a flash…Click Here To Read More
We outlined and created our PowerPoint in the previous article. Now all that’s left is to record it. Recording Your Presentation Recording it is very simple. It’s really easy to do because you don’t have to appear in front of a camera when you record a Power Point. The reason we’re using PowerPoint is because…Click Here To Read More
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Let’s assume we now have a product and a domain name. What’s the next step? A logo for the product. Start by going to Graphic River is owned by a company called Envato. They also own Theme Forest, Code Canyon and a bunch of other things. When at Graphic River, click on Logos. From…Click Here To Read More
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The More Methodologies in Which You Can Offer Up Your Expertise the Wider Potential Audience You Can ReachBret Ridgway Speaking is a wonderful thing. It can be a career of its own, or you can use it as a tool to build your business. But, if speaking is your core business then you need to…Click Here To Read More
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Turn 15 Minutes A Week Into 1092 Pieces of Content a Year In Part One I introduced you into the “Ultimate Traffic Strategy.” This post I’m going to reveal the rest of the story. If you recall, I ended that article stating I was going to show you how it’s possible to take 15 minutes…Click Here To Read More
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When I think about having to come up with something new, whether it’s having to launch a new product or create something new, it’s not exciting to me. While, it may be at first, it’s also very stressful. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made a lot of money over the years, but it’s time to…Click Here To Read More
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As a marketer, you probably have no shortage of great ideas. Oh, if I only had as many minutes in a day as I have great ideas. Does this sound like you? Here’s what often happens to many marketers when they’re first starting out. They do some research and determine they have viable products or…Click Here To Read More
If you’ve ever struggled with creating an information product, or just want to learn an easier system to create information products, book content, lead generation products and more. Then this is the training for you. In this sixty-minute training. You will learn not only the method to creating information product, but also the tools and…Click Here To Read More
In this weeks training, Armand explains how he stays productive while traveling for business. He also talks about what he’s doing currently and shares ideas on how to build your business.Click Here To Read More
You’re wasting your money on website traffic if your website preparation is not completed first. In this training Armand goes through the steps you need to do before you worry about traffic.Click Here To Read More
In this weeks training Armand discusse his steps for making a product. He shows how he outlines the product creation process for a course he is creating soon on Google.Click Here To Read More
Do you create products and services based on what YOU think your customer wants? In this training by Frank Deardurff of you will learn how to easily discover what your customers really want and how to use that information to create better products, books and services.Click Here To Read More
Traditionally you write a report or create a course for a general audience so that you can reach the most people. But research shows that you can increase the price of your products when you customize it for a specific audience. In this training session, Platinum member, Dr. Jeanette Cates, of, will show you…Click Here To Read More