Product Development – Your First Product

If you are new to product development it may be helpful to have an easy to follow blueprint to get started with.Jeanette cates Here’s A Step By Step Guide To Your First Product 1. Decide on the topic for your product. It’s probably something you wish you had had when you first started in your…Click Here To Read More

Getting the Most From Your Programmer

woman wearing black t-shirt holding white computer keyboard
What we know well is easy for us to understand but the person sitting next to you maybe looking at you like you’re talking a foreign language to them.Frank Deardurff I talk to a lot of business owners and something I hear frequently from them is, “How do I get more from my programmer?” Or…Click Here To Read More

Info Products From A Question

If you’ve ever struggled with creating an information product, or just want to learn an easier system to create information products, book content, lead generation products and more. Then this is the training for you. In this sixty-minute training. You will learn not only the method to creating information product, but also the tools and…Click Here To Read More

Discover What Your Customers Want

Do you create products and services based on what YOU think your customer wants? In this training by Frank Deardurff of you will learn how to easily discover what your customers really want and how to use that information to create better products, books and services.Click Here To Read More