Don’t Demo Your Product Before It’s Ready To Launch

If you create a bunch of pre-launch videos before the product has been made, you are going to put your best stuff in the pre-launch videos and your worst stuff in the paid product.robert plank Far  too  often  I  have  seen  people launch  products  or  services,  and when it came time to actually release that…Click Here To Read More

With Product Creation You Need To Act Fast

Speed is of the essence especially in the online worldarmand morin Like many people, you have probably had an idea and gotten really excited about it, but something gets in your way before you can do something about it. Maybe it’s something as simple as family   coming over for dinner. It could be the phone ringing. It could be previous…Click Here To Read More

Create You Product Funnel Backwards

It makes sense to create your product funnel backwardsrobert plank When you visit someone’s web site, you visit their squeeze page before seeing their sales letter and you buy that entry-level product before you see the upsell.   So does that mean you should create your product funnel in the same order?  Definitely not! Create that…Click Here To Read More

How To Post Launch your Product

Most of us are aware of the importance of a product pre-launch But did you know a Post Launch may be even more important?robert plank You might have read my advice before where I told you the easiest way to launch a product on autopilot is simply by scheduling e-mails in your autoresponder in advance,…Click Here To Read More

5 Questions To Ask Before You Purchase Any Product

Ask yourself these five questions before you purchase any product.Dr. Jeanette Cates One  of  the  exciting  things  about doing business online is the  rapidly changing    landscape.    There    are new  technologies,  new  tactics,  and new   products coming onto the market daily. It’s a constant parade of new offers. But  do  you need the latest and greatest offering? Or   will   it   just become…Click Here To Read More

Sell A Great Product

I get approached by a lot of different people who all have questions about making money online. They generally ask questions like: What’s the latest and greatest?What’s the new information out there?What’s changed? I always tell them what’s on my mind at the time and then try to answer their questions. One of the things…Click Here To Read More

How To Start Marketing Your Product

Most people don’t maximize the amount of money they’re making on sales.armand morin Create Your Advertising Accounts Setup and Adwords account on Google. then create an advertising account on Bing. You also need to set up a Facebook advertising account. Don’t stop with these. Also set up other Social Media advertising accounts Your next step…Click Here To Read More

Product Creation, Up Cycle What You Already Have

Instead of creating something new, start thinking how you can revamp or make what you already have better.Armand morin When I think about having to come up with something new, whether it’s having to launch a new product or create something new, it’s not exciting to me. While, it may be at first, it’s also…Click Here To Read More

Create Your Product Based Upon Research

Sometimes it makes sense to offer the same product in more than one format. armand morin Research and determine how your market likes to consume products. Once you determine how your market likes to learn, you can build your product accordingly. You may find it makes sense to create your product in more than one…Click Here To Read More

Four Product Creation Secrets

Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.david rockefeller 1. Take Note Of How Your Industry Likes To Learn This is area where your own preferences can get in the way because you may…Click Here To Read More

Product Development – Your First Product

If you are new to product development it may be helpful to have an easy to follow blueprint to get started with.Jeanette cates Here’s A Step By Step Guide To Your First Product 1. Decide on the topic for your product. It’s probably something you wish you had had when you first started in your…Click Here To Read More