Standing Still Is Not An Option

I once asked someone which direction their business was headed, to which they replied, “Right now, we’re standing still.” What he was actually saying is they were in a state of contentment, meaning that they were not moving forward or backward; they were simply operating with a “business as usual” game plan. Guess what? Standing…Click Here To Read More

Start Today, Not Tomorrow!

person holding jar
Cause And Effects of Procrastination As we come to the end of the year, I thought procrastination might be a good subject to tackle. Everyone procrastinates—it doesn’t matter who you are. I’ll even make a confession; I am a procrastinator. The effects of procrastination don’t just lie within one aspect of our life; it spreads,…Click Here To Read More

Strategy is Fluid

In this weeks training Armand explains that strategy is fluid, it’s not set in stone and should adapt as you change. To understand completly you will want to watch the video below.Click Here To Read More