Provide Enough Proof Through Testimonials When Selling Online

When you begin to sell your products online, you know you’re going to have to overcome the natural disbelief the market will have regarding what your product will do for them. Tools available to help include: case studies, physical demonstrations, pictures, financial statements, and testimonials. Of these, testimonials can be the most powerful weapon in…Click Here To Read More

Crisis Proof Your Business

The nightly news often relates the latest natural disaster with its legacy of destruction— loss of property and loss of life. Businesses are disrupted, water supplies destroyed and people without electricity. If you live in Hurricane or Tornado country and are a small business owner,  you  probably  have  a  plan for natural disasters. You know…Click Here To Read More

The Proof Is In The Performance

The last few weeks I’ve shared the importance of turning your wishes into wants and being willing to do the hard things in order to succeed. Well, there’s a saying that goes like this: “the proof is in the pudding.” I prefer to say, “the proof is in the performance.” Talk is cheap. You can…Click Here To Read More