The Sound of Silence

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“You’d be surprised at the things that will disrupt you or your frame of thought throughout the day. Even as I am writing this there is air conditioning noise, fan noise etc. going on all around me. It’s ambient noise that is always there.”Armand Morin This article is more about productivity than marketing. You see,…Click Here To Read More

It’s All About The Offer

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Recently I’ve spent time thinking about what an offer actually is. That’s a tough one, especially if it’s for a seminar or other event— how do I know what offer to make now? So how can I really convince somebody to come to my event versus going to someone else’s that might be going on…Click Here To Read More

The Holy Grail of Facebook

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The holy grail of Facebook is to pay the least amount of money for the largest amount of traffic. Actually, when you think about it, that’s the holy grail for any type of advertising but in this article, we’re talking about Facebook. It’s one of those things that everyone is trying to do, and yet…Click Here To Read More

The Beauty of Pre-Selling Webinars

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“Going into this, I knew that there were only two groups of people reading this—those who had a webinar and those that didn’t have a webinar. I wanted to make sure that I attracted both groups.” This year, I’ve been promoting webinars every single month. I try different strategies for each of these promotions. In…Click Here To Read More

The 5-Minute Webinar Strategy

5-minute webinar strategy
These methods can be adapted to work for you, too. I am not depending on just one method to reach this goal. I’ll actually implement several different approaches in order to reach these numbers.Armand Morin You may recall that at my virtual Complete seminar held November 6-8, 2020, I offered a free, 21-day trial subscription…Click Here To Read More

The Importance Of Image Alt Tags

Adding Keyword Alt Tag To Your Images Is Important Because Search Engines Also Read Alt Tags.frank dearurff Let’s   start   this   section   by describing   what   an   image alternate (alt) tag is before going into its purpose. When the Internet was in its early stages everything on the web was text because connection speeds were limited. As…Click Here To Read More

Keep Your Information Above The Fold

Most of us have probably heard the expression “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” This is especially true for information marketers frank deardurff In Bret Ridgway’s course “The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make” this expression was discussed in the context of how frequently you should make contact with your clients and prospective…Click Here To Read More

The Need For A Customized Plan

In this article, I want to share with you a quick story that helped me to understand the value of proper, as well as customized planning.  Hopefully, you’ll see the same points that I was able to see and learn some valuable lessons. A several years ago, I successfully completed the Las Vegas Marathon. Shortly…Click Here To Read More

The Colors Of Success

One of the single most overlooked areas in marketing is the use of color on websites and in offline marketing pieces. The way we view colors psychologically triggers how we feel, think, or even buy.frank deardurff Colors are similar to words as they both have interpretations as to their meanings. Are you stirring the right…Click Here To Read More

The 10:1 Marketing Rule

What’s The 10:1 Marketing Rule? Simply put, it means the price at which you’re selling your product (assuming it’s a physical product vs. digital delivery) must be priced a minimum of ten times your production cost for that product to be a viable product long term.Bret ridgway The 10:1 rule is one of the major…Click Here To Read More

The Mistake Most Copywriters Make

Write as if you were speaking WITH your prospect, right in front of them, in a comfortable, conversational manner.Michel Fortin Most  of  the  sales  pieces  people  ask  me  to rewrite  seem  to  offer  great  products  and services. In fact, some of their offers are so good, prospects would be crazy to turn them down. But…Click Here To Read More

Autopilot Income: The Secret of Three

Regardless of your business model — be it online or offline — the concept of autopilot income is attractive. You remember “autopilot income” — that’s the income that comes in regardless of your efforts. Once established you can set it and forget it. So what’s the secret to setting up an autopilot income? It lies…Click Here To Read More

Determine the Why Of Article Marketing

It must make sense to the person who has never heard of you to click the link and find out more about what you have to offer.Connie Regan Green Even  before  you  write  your article, think about the reason you are writing it. You may be building your list and sending readers and potential prospects…Click Here To Read More

Looking For The Magical Blue Pill

I believe most people are looking for the blue pill. They’re looking for something that does everything for them. You buy a product and all of a sudden you make money. I hate to break it to you, but there’s nothing you can buy that instantly makes you money—I don’t care what anyone says. Making…Click Here To Read More

The Value Gap

I love research. It’s one of my favorite past times on the Internet and I do it just about every day in one form or another. Researching competitors and other industries out there is something you should be doing on a pretty regular basis to see exactly how they work and if you can get…Click Here To Read More

You Can Eliminate The #1 Barrier To Success

Think of something you can do, sports, business, community, family —something you are certain you can do. Now, think of something in that same area you’d like to do, but don’t think you can. What is the difference in them? One thought…. The distance between success and failure, in the vast majority of situations,  is  quite…Click Here To Read More

Follow The Problem

A well known catch phrase from a popular movie is “follow the money.” In Internet marketing, the best advice is often  “follow  the problem.” The most effective online products are those that address problems. How to break into Internet marketing. How to lose weight. How to avoid foreclosure in a down market. These are questions…Click Here To Read More

Why The Vaccination Theory Will Not Protect Your Business

It always amazes me at how people view certain things. What makes it even  more  amazing  is  the  fact that so many people  seem  to  have  what I refer to as “selective discernment.” What I mean by this term is that many people will  approach  things  from one standpoint when  dealing  with one topic and…Click Here To Read More

The Definition Of Wealth

When it comes to wealth, one of the biggest challenges that people face is that they simply don’t understand exactly what it is. Sure, people may be able to correctly identify it in some obvious instances such as with Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but it’s also misidentified in looking at those who people most…Click Here To Read More

Build The Right Puzzle

Have you ever felt like you have plenty of puzzle pieces to work with but the picture just never seems to fit? This happens to most of us. We work and work to put all the pieces in place, but we just never seem to quite get the outcome we desire. So what do we…Click Here To Read More

Are You The One And Only?

What is unique about your business? What can customers only get from you? The answer to this can make you millions.armand morin Are you the one and only? Is there a part of your business where you are the only person in the world that actually can do it the way you do? This has…Click Here To Read More

The Proof Is In The Performance

The last few weeks I’ve shared the importance of turning your wishes into wants and being willing to do the hard things in order to succeed. Well, there’s a saying that goes like this: “the proof is in the pudding.” I prefer to say, “the proof is in the performance.” Talk is cheap. You can…Click Here To Read More

Value, Engage, Teach

You have to give your clients and prospects a reason to buy from you. I live by the rules of giving value, being engaging and teaching the audience. It is far easier to sell on the Internet if you give people a great value. That’s the one thing I start everything with is the value…Click Here To Read More

What Is The Best Time To Release Your Book?

Research the best time to release your book to ensure you won’t have a lot of competition.armand morin I don’t know the physical book industry all that well so I asked a friend of mine, Jim Howard, who owns Branded For Success and who is in the publishing world, about the best times to release…Click Here To Read More

The One And Only

Are you the one and only? Is there a part of your business where you are the only person in the world that actually can do it the way you do? This has been coming up in a lot of things I’ve been reading lately. I’m a big fan of a guy named Marty Neumeier.…Click Here To Read More

Is It On The Calendar Yet?

The sooner you start using a calendar to organize yourself instead of a super long task list, the sooner you’ll get everything done faster and ensure that you deliver on your promises. I use Google Calendar to manage my calendar. This is cool because it’s built in to G-mail. There’s already a calendar tab in…Click Here To Read More