Rev Up Your Marketing

Include Ride Along Offers With Your Physical Product Shipments Too few information and Internet marketers take advantage of their product shipments to include additional marketing literature to try and stimulate additional sales. But just think about it, you’re already paying the shipping costs to send out your information product. What is the additional cost to…Click Here To Read More

How Do You Write A Post-Sale Follow Up Sequence?

Figuring out what emails to send to your subscribers is easy. First of all, you need to have a separate sub-list in your autoresponder for every product you sell. That means if you sell one e-book and one membership site then you have a sub-list for the e-book and a sub-list for the membership site.…Click Here To Read More

Product Creation, Up Cycle What You Already Have

Instead of creating something new, start thinking how you can revamp or make what you already have better.Armand morin When I think about having to come up with something new, whether it’s having to launch a new product or create something new, it’s not exciting to me. While, it may be at first, it’s also…Click Here To Read More

How To Write A Pre-sale Follow Up Sequence

You have a product. You have an autoresponder set up and a landing page. But now you need to figure out what emails you will be sending to those subscribers who come to your landing page and opted in your list and are ready or need to be convinced to buy your product. It’s very…Click Here To Read More

Don’t Forget The Follow Up

Recently I decided to do a test on a free checklist for my site and it crossed my mind that there is one step to this process I think many have forgotten.frank deardurff We take the time to create the giveaway item whether it be a free report, checklist or special training video. We…Click Here To Read More